ALL GROWN UP Janice Maynard
The Men of Wolff Mountain , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2206
ISBN: 978-0-373-73219-7
January 2013
Series Romance

Virginia Present Day

As the only (and much spoiled) daughter of Vincent Wolff, Annalise figures everyone will just cede to her wishes. However, years ago, Sam Ely turned her down when she threw herself at him, and she's never forgotten the pain of his rejection. Annalise has done her best to avoid being around Sam, which is hard to do since they both run in the same social circles and Sam is good friends with the Wolff clan. Annalise is an interior designer and reluctantly agrees to take on Sam as a client, which leads them to meet at his property in rural Virginia. A sudden snowstorm ends up stranding them alone, and Annalise wonders how she will endure the next couple of days alone with the man she has never stopped loving.

Sam thought Annalise too young to know for sure that she wanted him, so he spurned her advances. He hasn't stopped thinking about her, and now realizes that she has matured into a beautiful, desirable woman. But Annalise is aloof, making it clear she wants nothing to do with him. How will they be able to get along being alone during the snowstorm? But close quarters has the red hot desire between them rising into hard-to-deny passion. Yet each time Sam thinks he's getting closer to Annalise, the more she pushes him away. Can he break down the barrier she's erected so that he can let her see that he's now ready to take the next step for them and a life together?

Snowbound and forced to spend time together, Annalise and Sam discover passion and a lot more about each other in ALL GROWN UP. For Sam, she has been the little sister of the Wolff family who has been coddled and given anything she's desired. When she threw herself at him years ago, he didn't take her seriously because she had a lot of growing up to do. Annalise's mother and aunt were brutally killed by kidnappers when she was a child, and it has shaped her life. For this reason, her family has protected her, but nothing can protect her heart from tearing in half being around the man she still loves after all these years. Annalise thinks that if she gives into Sam, he'll just ultimately reject her again for a more suitable woman as his wife. Sam has to peel away the layers Annalise has ensconced herself in and try to make her understand that it is she whom he sees in his life as his future wife.

If you've read any of the books in The Men of Wolff Mountain series, then you'll be familiar with Annalise. Janice Maynard has penned a multilayered, interesting tale for Annalise, and one that will no doubt pull readers in. Ultimately, Annalise admits something to Sam that will make it easier to understand why she finds it hard to open up her heart and soul to him in ALL GROWN UP.

A passionate, intriguing tale, I highly recommend ALL GROWN UP be put to the top of your book buying list.

Patti Fischer