A WOLFF AT HEART – Janice Maynard
The Men of Wolff Mountain , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2260
ISBN: 978-0-373-73273-9
October 2013
Series Romance

Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia – Present Day

Pierce Avery thought he knew who he was—until a medical test revealed that his parents are not biologically related to him. Now he's determined to find out the truth and hires lawyer Nicola Parrish to find the answers. From the moment Pierce meets Nicola, there's a connection between them, but neither is ready to act upon those feelings. That is, until a trip to Richmond, and it becomes impossible to resist the passion. Will they get to the bottom of Pierce's parentage and also be able to walk away from their affair once they are no longer working together?

Pierce feels betrayed upon learning that he isn't his parents' son, and it appears that it is a result of being switched at birth. With Nicola's help, they pore over the hospital records from when he was born and, as a result, their time together allows them to get to know each other better. Nicola is in a state of transition as she has closed her practice and plans to move to Washington, D.C. to join a law firm. Pierce's focus is on his father's ill health (and how he learned he wasn't a match to his parents), so neither is ready for a permanent relationship. A trip to Richmond means a step toward acting upon their desire for each other. But is learning the truth going to prove to be painful for Pierce?

Nicola had a tough childhood being raised in a children's home. She proved resilient and fought her way into college and a law degree, then opened her own practice, but now feels it's time to move up another step on the ladder by joining a prestigious law firm. But she has built a wall keeping out romantic entanglements. Will this change in A WOLFF AT HEART? With careful digging, they finally learn the truth—that Pierce was switched at the hospital and is in fact a Wolff, a family noted for their wealth and reclusive lifestyle. How will Pierce react when he's confronted with the truth? Is he betraying the couple who raised him? Can Nicola help him get through this?

There is intense passion and feelings between Pierce and Nicola in A WOLFF AT HEART, plus the mystery of babies switched in the hospital nursery…and why. Readers will have sympathy for everyone involved—from Pierce to the Wolff clan (whom he finally meets) and even Nicola, who has spent most of her life being independent. Things are complicated, but can love prevail? Don't miss A WOLFF AT HEART.

Patti Fischer