The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2296
ISBN: 978-0-373-73309-5
April 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Silver Glen, North Carolina – Present Day

Hotelier Liam Kavanagh's life has been pretty much unexciting—until the day free spirit Zoe Chamberlain breezes into town and rents a room in his swanky hotel for six weeks. How can a woman who drives around in an old VW bus afford a room at his resort? Liam is determined to get to the bottom of it, though he secretly admits Zoe intrigues him. A couple of intimate dinners together barely scratch the surface of who the real Zoe is, like exactly why is a woman with an unlimited credit card traveling the country alone. As the head of the hotel, he also has to be concerned that Zoe might be a con artist, which puts Liam on edge since his own father fell for one years ago, and soon after disappeared, leaving the Kavanagh family in turmoil.

Zoe has secrets, and they're certainly not ones she freely shares with anyone. Despite her open-ended credit card, she prefers to keep under the radar to avoid detection by her father, a man she despises. Liam is an attractive man, and while she should probably avoid him, she soon can't resist tumbling into an affair with him. She can only promise him six weeks, but will it prove to be long enough for them to fall in love?

A mismatched couple is headed for love in A NOT-SO-INNOCENT SEDUCTION from Janice Maynard, the first book in The Kavanagh's of Silver Glen series about a family in a small town in rural North Carolina. As the oldest brother, Liam has spent much of his life being the responsible one who ran the hotel. All work and little play finally catches up to Liam as suddenly he's wanting to play hooky with Zoe, a woman unlike any he's ever envisioned being part of his life. He started showing an interest in her on the pretense of checking her out, but she made his staid life come to life from the first moment he spotted her in the hotel lobby. After his father's scandalous affair with a con artist ruined the family, the last thing Liam wants is to follow in his father's footsteps.

Zoe is always looking over her shoulder in case she's located, because she will move on if that happens—again. Maybe she hoped Liam's first class hotel would provide her with a wall of security, but she should've realized that those looking for her have their ways. It will take several pages before readers learn the truth about why Zoe is on the run, but how will Liam react when he finds out? Is their affair going to end up being short term before she moves on again? Or will Liam be the man to make Zoe want to settle down?

A sensuous romance that drop hints about Zoe's secrets that will keep you intrigued, grab a copy of A NOT-SO-INNOCENT SEDUCTION to find out what they are—and if Liam and Zoe have a happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer