Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2271
ISBN: 978-0-373-73284-5
December 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

East Tennessee Present Day

Billionaire Leo Cavallo has been ordered by his doctors and family to take a few months off work after a heart attack landed him in the hospital. At the urging of his family, he ends up at a resort in the eastern Tennessee Mountains for some rest and relaxation. However, upon arrival, he learns that the cabin he rented was just destroyed in a windstorm and now it looks as if a snowstorm is on its way. Resort owner Phoebe Kemper offers him a room to stay in her home, which he accepts. Phoebe and Leo won't be alone, because she is also caring for her infant nephew. How did Leo go from being a hotshot businessman to being around a baby and a beautiful woman?

Phoebe finds Leo attractive, but she has sworn off men after a disastrous relationship forced her to leave her former life behind and make a new one for herself in Tennessee. Her sister has temporarily left her little son in the care of Phoebe, which is a bit of a bittersweet reminder for her that she doesn't have a child of her own. Not knowing Leo's past, she wonders why an ambitious man like him would want to vacation for weeks, far away from Atlanta where he lives. Forced to spend time together in close quarters, there's soon a deep attraction between them. Will they act upon it? What will happen when Leo's visit comes to an end?

It's Christmas in the mountains, and Leo and Phoebe get the last thing they expect in A BILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTMAS. Leo is a hard driven businessman who suddenly found his life in peril when a heart attack sidelined him. Phoebe once was like that, but after being backstabbed by the man she thought she loved, she retreated far away to lick her wounds. The entrance of Leo reopens the past as she begins to fall for him and wonders if she can trust a man again. Their desire for each other is developed slowly as they learn to know one another. Even when they decide to make love in A BILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, it is mutually agreed upon and not spontaneous. But after all the pain and suffering in the past, Leo and Phoebe are destined to find happiness...and love.

While A BILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTMAS does take place around Christmas, this tale does not lean heavily on the theme. The baby provides a distraction for Leo and Phoebe, as well as plenty of cuteness. Who doesn't love a cute baby? Leo and Phoebe begin to feel almost like a family as they snuggle in front of a fire with the baby and fall in love. Readers will surely enjoy this feel good romance as a couple who faced despair in their love lives find a happily-ever after. Pick up A BILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTMAS for a great read in December.

Patti Fischer