The Warriors Series
Pocket Star
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4087-8
January 2012
Time Travel Romance

Wyoming and Scotland - Present and Past

For most of her life Danielle Dearmon (Dani) has believed in Faeries, certain that by leaving milk for them daily that some day, somehow, she would be rewarded. Her job as a cook in a small town in Wyoming is far from perfect, but it is at least satisfying since she is known as the best baker in the area. Yet Dani yearns for something more. When will those darn Faeries come through for her? On Halloween, she prepares to celebrate the holiday, giving the Fae one more chance. When she comes to her senses, she is lying in a stone circle, and she is in the arms of a strangely dressed man.

Faerie Elesyria has discovered that her daughter, who had married Malcolm MacDowylt, the new laird of the MacGahan, is still alive. Isabella had left her husband's lands with her SoulMate, and disappeared. Even Malcolm assumed she was dead. But the Goddess reveals that Isabella has gone to another time, and is very much alive. So Elesyria journeys to Castle MacGahan to give Malcolm the news, and let him in on another surprise. Needless to say, Malcolm isn't thrilled when his mother-in-law shows up.

Malcolm holds the weight of his clan on his back. His guilt over his wife's death still haunts him, and he has convinced himself that he isn't worthy of the title of laird. Plus his older brother, Laird of the MacDowylts, is holding their sister at his castle, something that Malcolm must deal with. So when Elesyria appears and tells him that the Goddess has told her of a woman in need of help, Malcolm can't believe he's got yet another burden to shoulder. Reluctantly he rides to the stone circle that Elesyria describes and, sure enough, there is a lovely young woman collapsed in the middle of the stones. When the woman wakes up, though, she punches Malcolm in the face and demands an explanation. Which, of course, Malcolm can't give her.

The Fae have done it again in this latest of Melissa Mayhue's wonderful time travel novels. Put one lonely, imaginative young woman with one lonely, considerate young warrior and you get a lively, magical, romantic tale. Dani is desperate for a more rewarding, fulfilling life, and she finds it in spades in ancient Scotland . Her confidant, independent nature conflict with Malcolm's traditional outlook on how a woman should behave, but he is intrigued. He's always well aware of what the Fae are capable of, so nothing much surprises him. Will he and this mysterious young woman be able to deal with his evil older brother and rescue Malcolm's sister from Torquil's clutches?

Secondary characters, especially the feisty Elesyria, are important to this enjoyable story. Dani and Malcolm are terrific lead players; the dialogue is realistic considering the time difference, and the backdrop of medieval Scotland is well researched and expertly written.

WARRIOR'S REDEMPTION is part of The Warriors series, and it is an excellent adventure and enjoyable romance. I'm looking forward to the next book, WARRIOR'S REBIRTH.

Jani Brooks