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WARRIOR REBORN – Melissa Mayhue
The Warriors Series
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4088-5
November 2012
Time Travel Romance

Scotland – 1294

Chase Noble, son of a Fae, knows that living in the twenty-first century is not what he is destined to do. So he is not entirely surprised when he is suddenly thrust backward in time to Scotland in the thirteenth century. He immediately feels that this is where he belongs—and that life as a warrior is his destiny. Chase awakens in the company of a band of men who are from Castle Tordenet, home of Torquil of Katanes, the evil laird of MacDowylt, and one enormous man who has joined them. Halldor O'Donar takes Chase under his wing as they journey to the castle.

At Tordenet, Christiana, Torquil's half sister , is called into service to care for the injured Chase when they arrive. She is a virtual prisoner, kept from seeing her family at Castle MacGahan, because Torquil wants to use her visions of the future to keep control of all that is around him, plus he has an unnatural longing to possess his sister. Christiana knows that there is someone coming to rescue her, though. She and an Elf have brought him from the future. Who that man may be is a mystery yet. Or is it?

Chase and Halldor are well aware that by joining forces with Torquil they are probably not going to like what he has planned. Chase has already felt the emotional draw to Christiana, and he also feels the evil that surrounds Torquil. But the laird surrounds himself with men whose loyalty is bound in fear, and Chase and Halldor must tread carefully if they are to survive and also to keep Christiana safe.

Magic abounds in this latest of The Warriors series as Chase acclimates himself to a different time and place. Characters from the previous book, WARRIOR'S REDEMPTION, play major parts, and life at Tordenet is nothing, if not dangerous for all who inhabit it. Well written, WARRIOR REBORN carries on with the story, adding another amazing plot to the series. Will Torquil be vanquished? Or will he continue to terrorize the world around him as he slowly allows the growing beast inside of him to rule?

Don't miss this latest exciting tale by Melissa Mayhue.

Jani Brooks