The Warrior Series
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9020-3
March 2011
Time Travel Romance

Scotland – 17 th Century

Leah Noble has escaped her horrifying ordeal as a captive of the Nuadian Fae. Her daily torture by them and the dire threat of what they had in mind for her future will be difficult to forget. But that was seven hundred years ahead in the twenty-first century. Today Leah is in fourteen century Scotland , safely distant from the evil Nuadians. Half Fae herself, Leah has her own magical healing abilities, but has no plans to use them if she can help it. Now she lives as the granddaughter of the kindly Hugh and Margery MacQuarrie at MacQuarrie Keep in the Scottish Highlands.

Life is good with the MacQuarries until the sudden arrival of their estranged son, Richard, who married an English woman and took King Edward's side. Edward's minions have claimed MacQuarrie Keep, imprisoned Hugh, and Richard has ordered Leah to be the bride of the elderly Lord Moreland, who killed his last wife when she produced a female baby. The only alternative Leah has is to escape the keep and somehow make her way to Dun Ard, the home of the MacKiernans, descendents of Faeries, and beg for their help.

Andrew MacAlister has ridden far and wide throughout Scotland looking for help for the constant pain he bears after a terrible battle wound. On the latest trip, he rescues a drowning woman—a lovely drowning woman—and has no idea how she will affect his life. When they are surrounded by English soldiers who are looking for Leah, Drew tells them that she is his wife, and that they are on their way to his laird's residence for a formal wedding. The English leader decides that he and his men should celebrate the wedding with them as they search for the woman, and also for rebels who are aiding William Wallace.

HEALING THE HIGHLANDER is another novel in the Daughters of the Glen series, and it's a super read. Leah and Drew are both unaware of the secrets each hides as to their backgrounds, and their ability to work together through the perils they face makes for a terrific story. Danger abounds as the two try to evade the British soldier who is determined to complete his assignment. But is there love blooming between them? And what will Drew do when he discovers Leah's healing powers?

A real page turner, HEALING THE HIGHLANDER can be read alone, but I highly recommend the entire series. Check out Melissa Mayhue's website for a list of all of the books. http://www.melissamayhue.com/

Jani Brooks