HAPPILY EVER AFTER – Elizabeth Maxwell
Touchstone Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4767-3266-4
March 2014
Contemporary Fiction w/Paranormal Elements

Billsfold, New York – Present Day

Anyone who thinks the life of an erotic romance writer is filled with glamour, excitement, and having lots of sex themselves needs to get rid of this fantasy. For writer Sadie Fuller, the truth is that she is a slightly overweight divorced woman in her mid-forties raising an eleven-year-old daughter, with her sex life consisting of weekly booty calls from a man she met on Craigslist. But fantasy becomes reality when the hero of her latest novel comes to life right before Sadie's eyes in a Target store after a witch puts a spell on him. Aidan Hathaway is a handsome man who literally has females drooling, but he doesn't belong in Sadie's world because his life is in an alternate reality that includes Lily, the woman he just met and had fantastic sex with in Sadie's current manuscript. Sadie soon finds her life spiraling out of control as she searches for the answer to defeat the witch—and send Aidan and Lily back to her book where they'll live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER is certainly an intriguing tale that reads like two stories in one as we have not only Sadie's story, but that of Aidan and Lily. Sadie frantically races against time as Aidan has only forty eight hours to find Lily and unlock the secret code that will send them back to their world, or face spending the rest of his life at the hands of the witch. Meanwhile, Sadie has to pretend her life is normal, including attending an event with Aidan (where she runs into her booty call guy, Jason, with her next-door neighbor Belinda) and dealing with her sullen daughter Allison and self-centered gay ex-husband. Does she dare share with others what is going on for fear the white coats will be knocking on her door to carry her off to a mental hospital?

With every twist and turn in HAPPILY EVER AFTER, Sadie and readers inch closer to where all the “players” come from. Sadie knew Aidan and Lily are from her current “work in progress” manuscript, but where did the witch come from considering she is writing an erotic contemporary tale? By the end, all the pieces are put into place and Sadie discovers something about herself that she didn't know until that moment of realization. Perhaps a lesson in taking risks and learning to trust her instincts?

Fast paced and humorous, HAPPILY EVER AFTER has a middle aged heroine who could be just your average next door neighbor, except she writes about sex and makes a lot of money doing so. For anyone who reads or writes romance, do you ever wonder what would happen if your characters came to life? Look no more and find out what happens in the fascinating HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Patti Fischer