Marrying the Duke , Book 1
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-238861-2
E-ISBN: 978-0-06-238862-9
December 2015
Historical Romance

Regency England

Miss Elin Morris doesn't care much for London and Society; she much prefers the family's countryestate that connects to that of the dukes of Baynton. Her introduction to Society was little more than a formality anyway. Elin's enormously rich father and the former duke were good friends; they betrothed their children to each other,the infant Elinand the duke'syoung heir, Lord Gavin, who was some years her elder.

The duke's youngest son Benedict and Elin were only about a year apart in age and they became friends. They were very close, and became a little too close when she was going on sixteen. Ben was sent away to the army, where he distinguished himself and was eventually promoted to major.But alas, Ben was forced out of the army and ordered home by his brother, now the Duke of Baynton. The wedding had been postponed once when the former duke died leaving Gavin to take the reins, but now it's getting time. Gavin needs Ben at home to serve as heir until he has a son of his own. (Gavin once had a twin, but Jack disappeared from Eton several years ago and was never seen again.) Ben is steaming mad at Gavin's actions. And to add to his discomfort is the sight of Elin, his youthful love. He fought to put away his feelings for her, but now…

Elin has been having second thoughts about marrying Gavin without telling him of her love for Ben, but she's persuaded by her family to go ahead with the formalizing of the betrothal. However, her mother'ssudden death at the ball where it was to be announced forces another postponement. Elin goes home to the country to mourn. Eventually her father calls her back to town. However, someone doesn't want Elin to reach London…

Here is where the story runs into danger and suspense. Cathy Maxwell is a bestselling author with good reason. She gives her main characters a realistic dilemma that will evoke empathy and keep one unsure of the final outcome. Pick up THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY for a “What will happen next?” read.

Jane Bowers