St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-05226-1
July 2017
Contemporary Romance

Blink and Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Building contractor Abby Rhodes purchases and plans to remodel an old house, aware that the place is rumored to be haunted. After she finishes renovating the house, she'll either continue to live in it or sell it. She's barely moved into the partially finished house when she's confronted by the ghosts living there. At about the same time, Abby opens her front door to find a stranger there, claiming he is interested in buying the house after she's finished. But there's some about the man, millionaire Jordan Gatewood, that draws her to him. Maybe it's something to do with the ghosts haunting it.

Jordan's late father, Julian, was murdered in the house Abby purchased. Something pulled at him to seek it out, something he hasn't wanted to do in the thirty years since Julian's death. Julian was murdered by the daughter of his lover after a disagreement. Everyone involved in the death are now gone, but Julian and his lover, Ida Green, continue to haunt the house for some unknown reason. It appears there is some unfinished business and the ghosts are wanting Abby and Jordan to help. Jordan can't stop thinking about the house…or is it the beautiful woman who is currently living in the house? Meanwhile, Jordan is dating his company attorney, Robin, who becomes possessive—and even more so after he breaks it off and she later learns that he is seeing Abby. Jordan and Abby's relationship is tumultuous—with the added complication of Robin, who won't give up the man she sees as the ultimate prize.

In SEDUCING ABBY RHODES, Jordan never meant to fall for Abby, but the moment he met her, he was thoroughly hooked. She is a hardworking woman who buys up property and remodels the homes for resale. But this latest project has her thinking it might be the one to keep, even with the ghosts living there! She's barely started when Jordan knocks on her door. She can tell from his clothing and demeanor that he is rich and way out of her league. But money never stands between you and love when you're falling for someone. But first, Jordan has to untangle himself from Robin, which isn't easy. Needless to say, Robin turns into a vindictive bitch, and she doesn't care who she takes down.

Abby and Jordan's “courtship” is a bumpy one. She tries to resist him at first, but she soon can't. He promises her the moon and the sun, but deep down she suspects he has secrets that he's hiding. And he does. Jordan was once married, but his wife committed suicide, and he still feels guilt over her death. I won't reveal why he has this guilt, as it would give away some late-in-the-book spoilers. But the anguish he feels is real and makes SEDUCING ABBY RHODES an emotional tale that will pull at a reader's heart. Lurking in the background is Robin, who is ready to strike back with what she thinks she knows, but in reality, she has her facts wrong. How will this impact Jordan and Abby? And will our lovers figure out why the ghosts are so restless in Abby's house?

There's all kinds of things popping up in SEDUCING ABBY RHODES: revenge, instant attraction, guilt, and a mysterious death…or two. But will Jordan and Abby find the path to their happily-ever-after? Find out in this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer