CreateSpace Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-468-12007-3
December 2011
Romantic Suspense Anthology

Guardian Agent

Venice, Italy - Present Day

After his time in the military, followed by a few years in the FBI, Gabe Cannon is accustomed to following orders.  Now a member of a private security team, Gabe's not sure why he pauses when given permission to take out the rogue Army soldier they are pursuing.  But when the target turns and Gabe realizes it's a woman, he's glad for that hesitation.  He doesn't understand why their target his former friend would have involved his sister in his troubles, yet with Gabe's recognition of Jasmine Tekla, he knows that something is not right with this mission.

Avenging Agent

Lahedah, Afghanistan - Present Day

Jake Tekla may not be on the run anymore, but he's not safe by any means.  He's joined Gabe Cannon and Troy Hill in trying to bring down a corrupt politician, and Jake is in Lahedah to get proof of the man's crimes.  When he sees the blond woman running down the street, Jake recognizes her and steps in.  He can't imagine why Allison Myers is so far from her boardroom, yet he's not about to allow her to be attacked.  When she explains her mission, Jake decides to help her out, and inadvertently finds a piece of his own puzzle.

Warrior Agent

Washington D.C. - Present Day

Though she knows that being the newest member of the Congressman's security detail would naturally leave her feeling like the odd man out at times, something about the way the security team is treating the intruder that they captured is bothering Army veteran Claire Montgomery.  While she's guarding the prisoner waiting to be picked up by the FBI, he tells her that his name is Troy Hill, and he's an undercover FBI agent.  He doesn't seem like he's lying, but Claire needs the job too much to question her boss.  When the van arrives to transport him, Claire suspiciously watches the agents' rough treatment of Troy as they toss him into the unmarked vehicle, and realizes that Troy may have been telling the truth and right now he's in a lot of trouble.

Federal agents and former soldiers uncover a deadly conspiracy and find romance in the unlikeliest of places in AGENTS UNDER FIRE.  Each novella focuses on one aspect of the mystery, as well as one of the couples. Yet, the book feels more like one story broken up into separate sections than three connected tales.  The characters have all been through some personal trauma recently, and they will all be further tested by the mission they are on now.  Non-stop action combines with thrilling suspense in AGENTS UNDER FIRE.

Jennifer Bishop