HOTELLES - Emma Mars
Harper Perennial
ISBN: 978-0-06-227417-5
April 2014
Erotic Contemporary Fiction

Paris, France - 2009

Though she has a journalism degree, Annabelle Lorand has yet to find work, and between her own bills and her mother's cancer treatment, Elle has been working as an escort to make ends meet.  It is during one of her “missions” that Elle meets David Barlet, the CEO of Barlet Group, and owner of Barlet TV, a twenty-four hour news station.  Her relationship with David progresses as she continues to work as an escort, and while also receiving mysterious notes that explicitly detail fantasies as well as things about Elle's private life.  The day after David proposes, Elle takes her last mission with the escort service, only to find that her client is Louie Barlet, David's brother.

Over the weeks leading up to the wedding, the notes, which she begins to believe are coming from Louie, direct Elle to the Hotel des Charmes, where Elle begins to understand her own sexuality.  Her feelings for Louie are confusing, as he is both her tormentor and the man revealing to her what has been lacking in her sex life…and in her relationship with David.  As her lessons continue, it becomes clear to Elle that there are secrets the brothers are keeping from her, but how do those secrets affect her?

HOTELLES is an interesting novel about a young woman's journey of sexual maturity.  Elle is young and believes her curvier figure is why boyfriends have been few, but after meeting David and Louie her confidence starts to grow.  While David offers her comfort and security, as well as career opportunities and wealth, Louie challenges her to step out of the roles she has always assumed and take charge of her pleasure.  Join Elle on her quest in HOTELLES.

Jennifer Bishop