TOUCH OF A ROGUE - Mia Marlowe
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6354-4
March 2012
Historical Romance

London, England - 1859

When Jacob Preston first received a note from the dowager Countess of Cambourne, he assumed her to be an aging woman, and not exactly what he looks for in a bed partner. Finding her in his home, Jacob is pleasantly surprised to realize she is a young, beautiful widow – albeit one who truly is looking only for his help in a business endeavor. The Lady is hoping to prove that her late husband did not commit suicide, and also to find an ancient dagger; the last of the six that the Earl was searching for before his death. Jacob's interest is piqued by the case, and by the Lady herself. His special gift – the ability to touch metals and “read” their pasts – shows him that the Earl was murdered, and the dagger is more dangerous than any could have imagined.

Julianne Tyndale, the dowager Countess of Cambourne, is desperate to find the dagger. If she can complete the set, an anonymous person is willing to buy them for a hefty sum, and she'll be able to maintain her independence. A former actress, Julianne is not like most society women, and acknowledges her sexual attraction to Mr. Preston, but she needs to employ him for his business acumen, not his skill between the sheets. He quickly lets her know that they'll be working together, and as far as Jacob is concerned, business does not preclude pleasure. Neither Julianne nor Jacob could have foreseen the danger that the dagger will bring them however, and they are soon embroiled in an intrigue beyond imagining.

TOUCH OF A ROGUE is an exciting historical novel with a paranormal twist. Jacob, like his cousin Viola (TOUCH OF A THIEF), has the ability to get visions from objects, and he has used his gift to solve crimes. Not many people are aware of his talent – not even his brother – and he prefers to keep his mystery-solving hobby quiet also. He has a bit of a reputation as a scoundrel, and enjoys his life as it is – until he meets Julianne. Almost from their first meeting, something about her calls to him and has Jacob wondering about things like the future. Julianne however, has no intention of marrying again. She hasn't had an easy life, and even though she had a companionable marriage with the Earl, she is looking forward to peace and quiet from here on out. The money she'll receive from the sale of the daggers will fund not only her life, but the girls' orphanage that she sponsors, so it's imperative that she succeed. Her determination to remain man-free is tested by Jacob, but who is unlike any man she's ever met before.

An enticing story with likable characters, a steamy romance and an intriguing suspense, make sure to look for TOUCH OF A ROGUE.

Jennifer Bishop