An Eternity Springs Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 979-0-345-54232-8
February 2015
Contemporary Romance

Eternity Springs, Colorado – Present Day

As the town's physician, Rose Anderson keeps pretty busy with patients, so she doesn't have much time for male relationships. This works well for her because of what happened to her several years ago that resulted in a split from her unsupportive fiancé. Yet, even she admits she has needs, which are heightened when glass artist Hunt Cicero arrives in town. He's a friend of her friend, Gabrielle, and he's currently caring for his orphaned nephews and nieces. Rose and Hunt hit it off, and soon their relationship enters a new level that both think will be a slow road to wherever it takes them. But then Hunt is granted guardianship of the children after their appointed guardians back out. Can Rose take on a man with a ready-made family?

Hunt promised his late sister that he'd help look after her children after she died from cancer, but with no fathers (yes, plural) in sight, their care has been with an aunt in Texas. The boys are uncontrollable hellions, while the girls are in need of a mother—something bachelor Hunt can't provide. Rose offers a feminine touch and plenty of guidance. Even without the children around, there is this fiery spark that refuses to go away. Slowly and surely, Hunt wonders if he can find a way to make Rose his wife. But then their cushioned world begins to come apart…

Eternity Springs is a town filled with hope and people who believe in miracles. Both Rose and Hunt will need a miracle to get them to a chance for a future together after obstacles are tossed on their path to happiness. Hunt's mother was a drug addict, and he eventually ended up in the foster care system. It was there that he met another one like him, Jayne, and they bonded as siblings even if they weren't connected by blood. When Jayne died from cancer, he made a vow to remain in her four children's lives, though he didn't expect to suddenly become their guardian. But it takes a village to raise children, and the people in Eternity Springs come through, especially Rose. Her tender touch helps soothe the ups and downs Hunt encounters with the children. It also draws them even closer. Their chemistry is palpable to all around them, though Rose wonders if she's making a mistake to get attached to the four children. After all, she is unable to bear children of her own after a bout with cancer…

A word of warning for readers of TEARDROP LANE: this is one emotional book that will have you taking a deep breath and even becoming teary eyed. Hunt tries to do the best he can, but four rambunctious children who lost their mother and don't know or remember their fathers need some stability, something they have yet to find. Will staying with Hunt give this to them? What about the original guardians…will they change their mind, once again throwing lives into disarray? TEARDROP LANE isn't a tale that happens over a matter of weeks, but the months flow by, like a river that slowly rises until it's about to overflow. Will the flood lead to a change in the lives of Hunt and Rose?

Though part of the Eternity Springs series by Emily March, TEARDROP LANE could be read alone without too much confusion, though many of the characters from previous books do make an appearance. Throughout the series has been the constant presence of Celeste Blessing, the owner of Angel's Rest Healing Center and Spa, and the brains behind the resurgence of the once dead economy of Eternity Springs. Is Celeste a secret angel who brings good things to those who need it?

Grab a hanky and blanket and curl up in your favorite chair as you prepare to savor and enjoy a romance that is both sweet and sexy. Make TEARDROP LANE one of your indulgences this month.

Patti Fischer