REUNION PASS – Emily March
An Eternity Springs Novel
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-07297-9
April 2016
Contemporary Romance

Eternity Springs, Colorado – Present Day

From the moment Lori Reese first met him in a store aisle, she loved Chase Timberlake. They started out as friends, but it turned serious during her college years at Texas A&M. However, Lori's goal was to earn her degree in veterinary science, while Chase wanted to see the world and have fun. This caused them to drift apart as Lori studied hard and Chase found employment with a television show that filmed abroad. He eventually asked another woman to marry him. Just as Lori's life as a veterinarian in Eternity Springs was about to begin, Chase's life took a dramatic and tragic turn. He returned to his parents' home in Eternity Springs a damaged soul. No one could reach him…except maybe Lori.

Lori doesn't know exactly what happened to Chase in Chizickstan, except he and his friends ran into some unpleasant men and it ended with the death of Chase's friends. He doesn't talk about it, and he isn't enthused about life in general right now. Clearly Chase is suffering from depression about what happened. Chase is still engaged, but will it end due to the friction between him and his fiancée? Lori wants to help her friend, Chase, but can she keep the love she still feels for him from showing? Chase is emotionally damaged, and Lori appears to be the one person who can help him. Will this lead to a rekindling of their youthful romance?

REUNION PASS by Emily March is another heartwarming tale in the Eternity Spring series, but what Chase went through is not for the faint of heart. While it is not said exactly what happened to his friends, readers will figure it out and their hearts will go out to him for what he's suffered. Lori is the sweet, gentle soul who can reach out and comfort him. Chase and Lori go back a long way, where they started out as friends, but it soon turned to something more. Lori found Chase to be a distraction to her school studies in college, which led to some unpleasant things being said between them, and he walked out of her life. Yet, there was always this unfinished business between them. Chase moved on, even to another woman, but there was always that “first love never forgotten” feeling between them.

One cannot read REUNION PASS and not feel the strong emotion running through the story. Not only with the suffering Chase goes through, but the enduring love he and Lori finally realize is theirs for the taking. As with most of the Eternity Springs novels, we get to catch up on the other families who have appeared in various other books. More children are on the way! And Celeste remains a celestial part of Eternity Springs, continuing to make readers wonder if she is a living angel. While billed as contemporary romance, the word of God is mentioned throughout REUNION PASS. If you're not into tales with an overt religious message, then it may not be for you.

Despite the years and obstacles placed in front of their path to a happily-ever-after, Chase and Lori hurdle them all and find love. While at times a sad tale, by the end, REUNION PASS is a feel good romance readers will enjoy.

Patti Fischer