An Eternity Springs Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-54226-7
April 2013
Contemporary Romance

Eternity Springs, Colorado – Present Day

Being single and the town's sheriff, Zach Turner has attracted more than his share of beautiful women, but a stranger to Eternity Springs, Savannah Moore, soon captures his eye when he nails her for spreading her grandmother's ashes off Lover's Leap. His stern warnings to be careful annoy her, and the two tangle, yet the sizzling encounter results in a mutual interest that neither dare deny. Zach's interested, but Savannah pushes away any suggestion that they date, which only arouses his curiosity. What he discovers nearly rocks him to the core when it turns out she's a convicted drug felon.

Savannah settled down in this tiny Colorado town to start a new life after being wrongly imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit. She doesn't want the townsfolk to learn of her past, and getting involved with the sheriff isn't a smart move on her part, even if she finds him attractive. Savannah feels like she is walking on eggshells in fear of her past coming back to haunt her and destroy her new life. But soon she learns that Zach had her investigated…and while it gives him a pause or two, he still wants to date her. Should Savannah get involved with Zach when she can't get past the trust issues she has because of the men who have hurt her in the past?

It's a return to Eternity Springs for readers in Emily March's REFLECTION POINT. Zach has appeared in a couple of the books from the series and is well known as the heartthrob sheriff of the town. A lot of people want him to hook up with the newcomer Savannah and it drives him crazy as folks push them together. Yet, there's no denying the sizzling chemistry between them, even as she makes it clear she doesn't trust the law. It's an eye-opening experience for Zach to learn the reason why. He has to think about whether he should move forward in pursuing Savannah, yet something about her makes him think she's either innocent or changed. His courtship of her is cute and heartwarming as the tough as nails Zach wins the heart of the distrustful Savannah.

Savannah is from Georgia (and the reason why Zach nicknames her “Peach”) and her life growing up wasn't easy to say the least. She finally went to live with her beloved grandmother who changed her life. But her unfortunate meeting with a man in Atlanta changed her life forever and resulted in her being framed on drug charges. She served her time, but still lives in fear that the man will come after her to keep her quiet. And getting involved with Zach isn't exactly the smartest move on her part since she already has a distrust of the law. Can Zach win Savannah's trust—and heart?

REFLECTION POINT is a warm-hearted read that will charm readers as they root for Zach and Savannah to work through their issues and have a happily-ever-after. Fans of the series will be glad to know that many of the characters from the previous books make several appearances, including Celeste Blessing, the beloved spiritual soul of the Eternity Springs series. With plenty of twists and turns—and passion between Zach and Savannah thrown in—REFLECTION POINT is a tale that will leave readers warm and fuzzy inside.

Patti Fischer