LOVER'S LEAP – Emily March
An Eternity Springs Novel , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-345-52877-3
January 2012
Contemporary Romance

Eternity Springs, Colorado – Present Day

Twenty years ago, bad boy Cam Murphy was led out of town in handcuffs, vowing never to return to the town that hated him. Yet, despite his wanting to put Eternity Springs behind him, he's never forgotten his first love, Sarah Reese, or the fact that she gave birth to his child. But the past comes to Cam 's present in Australia when Sarah suddenly appears—with their daughter, Lori, by her side. But Sarah was on vacation, and facing Cam was the last thing on her mind, so she turns and flees all the way back home to Eternity Springs. Now Cam is determined to correct a wrong of the past by getting to know his daughter Lori…and perhaps reconnect with Sarah.

Sarah has her hands full trying to run a business and take care of her mother, Ellen, who has Alzheimer's disease. She's spent the years putting Cam behind her and trying to protect her daughter from being known as “one of those Murphys.” Coming nearly face to face with Cam in Australia brought back memories she'd rather just forget, especially when she learns he has a son who is nearly as old as her daughter. He left her in her time of need and found a new life with someone else? Then, a few months later, Cam shows up in town, seemingly on a mission to claim his daughter. Even as Sarah battles Cam and their daughter rejects his overtures, old passions flare between the former lovers

Sarah thought she had her future mapped out for her family as LOVER's LEAP opens, but soon her life is becoming unraveled. While her mother's continuing progression of Alzheimer's has her worried, Lori's turned into a smart, beautiful twenty-year old attending college. Spotting Cam unnerved her, but she figures since he's in Australia he won't try to confront them in Eternity Springs. Imagine her surprise when he indeed comes to town, along with his sixteen-year old son, who it turns out, is adopted. Sarah soon has to change her preconceived ideas of how Cam turned out and, even as she denies it, the rekindled desire that sparks between them. Sarah has the support and love of her best friends, Nicole and Sage, as well as the town's savior, Celeste, who has helped revive Eternity Springs and make it a thriving town. These ladies won't let Cam hurt Sarah again, yet they can see that she hasn't gotten over him. They help Sarah by encouraging her to give Cam a possible second chance. But this once wounded bird doesn't want to lose her heart to a restless scoundrel again.

Cam feels he has been misjudged because of his last name. While his late mother was related to the town's founders, his father was a drunken loser who beat Cam whenever he felt like it. Cam had no one to turn to except Sarah, and the two fell in love as teens. Their magical time included hours spent at Lover's Leap, a secluded spot near town. But a bad boy by name makes it hard to convince others of goodness, and when hell broke loose, it was Cam —and Sarah—who paid the price. Years later, Cam tries to recreate the happy times with Sarah, who slowly and surely begins to fall for him again. However, Cam has a life (and a business) in Australia . Can Sarah bear to see him leave again? And what about Lori…should she trust the man who is her father, despite his not being present in the first twenty years of her life?

Young love and a chance to find happiness again has Cam and Sarah deciding whether to take the leap in Emily March's LOVER'S LEAP. Part of the Eternity Springs series, LOVER'S LEAP could be read as a standalone, but since Sarah's story has simmered on the backburner in the three prior books; one would do best to read the others.  A wonderful, heartwarming tale that will find you crying, laughing, rejoicing and rooting, LOVER'S LEAP will surely leave you smiling. Be sure to pick up this one today.

Patti Fischer