MY LADY RIVAL – Ashley March
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23660-9
May 2012
Historical Romance

London, 1849

Alex Laurie just wants the best for his family. So after his father's death, Alex purchases a mansion in the prestigious Belgrave Square and plans to prove to the ton that the Lauries are on par with the nobility. Not only has Alex moved himself and his family up into society, but he has great plans for his family's dye business. He is not only working on a dye that will not stain a person's underclothes, but he's on the trail of an exclusive dye that, so far, no one has been able to reproduce.

Willa Stratton needs that dye to convince her father that she is more than just a daughter to be married off, but a crafty business woman capable of making decisions and deals not just for herself, but for her father's company. However, when Alex gets in her way, Willa isn't sure she's going to win this one. But she has other weapons in her arsenal, and if Willa has to seduce her rival in order to gain his secrets, she will. But Willa just may lose her heart along the way…

MY LADY RIVAL is somewhat of a novelty—a historical romance that doesn't feature a member of the nobility. Both Willa and Alex are well off, but neither of them has a title. Both strong willed characters, Alex and Willa are shrewd when it comes to business and will stop at nothing to get what they want, so it comes as quite a shock to both them and the reader when they find themselves to be distracted in their pursuit of the exclusive dye.

In this entertaining story, Alex and Willa share a sweet, if reluctant, romance that blossoms throughout the course of it. Both are incredibly smart, and their banter and tricks are sure to make readers smile and chuckle even in public. As amusing as the story may be, it is Alex, Willa, and the gathering of secondary characters that drive the book and really make it something special. Ashley March is definitely an author to watch if you're a fan of strong heroines and headstrong heroes.

Amanda Toth