Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2257
ISBN: 978-0-373-73270-8
October 2013
Series Romance

Cape Verde off the Coast of West Africa – Present Day

Trying to escape the paparazzi in a hotel, Princess (and Doctor) Mariana Mandara ducks into a room pretending to deliver a room service cart—and comes face to face with her nemesis, Dr. Rowan Boothe. The two work in the same medical field and have clashed many times in the past. But they barely have time to acknowledge one another when the sound of a crying baby emits from the cart—someone had hid it underneath and left a note asking Rowan to take care of the little girl. Both Mari and Rowan are stunned seeing the baby, and while they eventually contact the authorities, they also decide to work together to keep the baby until the mother can be located, because neither wants to see the infant lost in foster care. Rowan, however, requests that Mari stay in his suite so that they can share the care.

Rowan has been intrigued by Mari for several years and looks forward to the opportunity to get to know her better. He'll woo her and maybe sneak in a few kisses and hope he can warm her coolness toward him. Slowly she begins to warm up to him and a bond develops—for both the baby and between each other. While Rowan wants more from Mari, he realizes that he would have to reveal more about his past, including his association with Interpol. Mari has felt repressed being a princess and not having her father's approval. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and she was bounced back and forth. Her father might be the king, but she doesn't want to be royally bound for the rest of her life.

Two opposing doctors and a baby who ultimately unites them are at the center of YULETIDE BABY SURPRISE. The action in this tale begins a couple of weeks before Christmas, and neither Rowan nor Mari has enjoyed celebrating the holidays much in the past, but falling in love helps them begin to appreciate Christmas. But the biggest mystery is who would leave a baby in a hotel hallway? Rowan uses his connections to get to the bottom of it and plans to do what is best for the little girl. Mari starts to grow attached to her—perhaps too much? Meanwhile, Rowan and Mari finally act upon an attraction that has been building for years, despite their animosity. The love scenes sizzle, and soon it will be hard to end their affair. What would Mari do if she learns Rowan is a part-time undercover agent with Interpol and is friends with a group of men who call themselves the Alpha Brotherhood? Is there any chance they can keep the baby—and become a family?

Mari fights the attraction she feels for Rowan in YULETIDE BABY SURPRISE, but they are united in their battle for an abandoned infant. Will the magic of the holidays—and being together in a hotel suite—provide the impetus for love? Find out in the delightful YULETIDE BABY SURPRISE.

Patti Fischer