Harlequin Desire Anniversary Collection
Harlequin Desire #2144
ISBN: 978-0-373-73157-2
March 2012
Short Story

Off the coast of Florida Present Day

Javier Cortez and Victoria Palmer had a blistering affair a year ago, but he walked away rather than attempt to repair their rift. However, Javier and Victoria haven't forgotten each other, so when they're forced to share a private jet to Florida where Victoria will start her temporary job as nurse to Javier's uncle, there isn't much they can do to not feel the desire between them rising again. Javier cares for Victoria , but when her juvenile delinquent brother's problems came between them, they split up. Now they have a chance to reconnect.

Loosely connected to the Rich, Rugged and Royal series by Catherine Mann, readers will surely enjoy THE ROYAL COUSIN'S REVENGE as Javier and Victoria have a passionate reunion. Victoria feels responsible for her brother, to the point that she chose him over her love for Javier. But as a man who puts right above wrong, Javier can't understand why she stands by her delinquent brother. This caused a huge rift, and Javier hopes that he can make amends and that time has softened her anger. Forced to spend a night alone in a building on the island after a storm floods the road, he uses his sensuality to get closer to her. Their night together sizzles and hopefully leads to a future together.

A reunion is in the works for Javier and Victoria in THE ROYAL COUSIN'S REVENGE.

Patti Fischer