Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2468
ISBN: 978-0-373-73481-8
September 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Florida Keys – Present Day

Widower Xander Lourdes will do anything for his toddler daughter, Rose, and when his in-laws threaten to sue for custody he's in a quandary. One of his employees, zoologist Maureen Burke, is facing deportation as her visa is about to expire. Seems as though they can help one another by getting temporarily married until their issues are resolved, right? But what if there is also an attraction between them that could complicate their business-only marriage arrangement?

Maureen has already been through one bad marriage and doesn't want to end up with another bad one, especially since Xander appears to still be in love with his dead wife. But she loves Rose, and it makes sense to get married so that both she and Xander can solve their immediate problems. He even convinces her that sex will be part of the marriage and hot kisses seem to prove how good that will be. Yet, she fears losing her heart to a man she's already half in love with.

Two people in a bind find love in THE BOSS'S BABY ARRANGEMENT by Catherine Mann. Maureen has worked a couple of years at the wildlife refuge Xander's late wife founded and loves her job. She has watched him mourn his wife's death and devote himself to raising Rose. The sudden arrival of Rose's grandparents—and their avowal to sue for custody—starts a boomerang effect. Xander has just started to notice Maureen, and he surprisingly finds himself attracted to her, so when he looks around for a suitable wife, he doesn't have far to go. And with her visa dilemma, it works out great for both. But first, he's going to have to woo her to prove to her that he finds her desirable.

The wildlife refuge is on the edges of the Florida Keys and a picturesque place for Xander and Maureen to fall in love in THE BOSS'S BABY ARRANGEMENT. Both love helping animals—and Rose, the beautiful little girl left motherless.  Xander has frozen his life from falling in love again, and it takes almost losing Maureen to realize how she has brought him back to real life. Their tale is emotional and enjoyable, and readers will be rooting for them to make it work.

A couple not looking for entanglements find love and marriage in THE BOSS'S BABY ARRANGEMENT. Watch as Xander and Maureen work through putting the past behind them and find their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer