Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail , Book 9
Harlequin Desire #2540
ISBN: 978-0-373-838677
September 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

Billionaire cybersecurity expert Max St. Cloud is in Royal to help members of the Texas Cattleman's Club discover who is behind the massive blackmail campaign currently being waged against them. Interviewing widowed Natalie, Max finds himself attracted to her and decides to stay at her bed and breakfast, rather than with a friend. Life isn't easy for Natalie because, not only is she running a business single-handedly, she's also the mother of two little children, including one who is autistic. The attraction is mutual, and soon he's wooing Natalie. Max figures their fling will end when he leaves Royal, but can he walk away from the woman who continues to intrigue him day after day?

Natalie's late husband died while in military service, and she chose to open the bed and breakfast in Royal rather than return to her hometown in New Mexico and live with her parent's disapproval. She'd already disappointed them by marrying young, and she won't subject her children to their disapproval. She has little time to get involved with a man, but Max catches her eye. For the first time since she's been widowed, she's willing to have an affair, knowing that once his business is finished in Royal, he'll be out of her life. But Max blends in beautifully with her family and life. Each day it grows closer to his leaving, she wonders how she'll survive without him.

Catherine Mann has penned a poignant tale in TAKING HOME THE TYCOON about single mom Natalie struggling to support and make life great for her children. With her son suffering from autism, this part of the story is not pushed to the background. A special dog has been brought in to help manage her son, and it's explained to readers how the animal works. Natalie is not wealthy, but she is rich in giving to others. She enjoys running the bed and breakfast, with its ever-changing clientele, and it allows her to spend time with her children. Never before has Natalie had an affair with a boarder, but with Max that all changes. She knows she is risking her heart, but she's willing to take that chance.

Max was raised in foster care and built his wealth and business from the bottom, which has left him too busy to think about finding someone to marry. Being around Natalie and her children has him suddenly thinking about a family. But, with a woman who has a lot on her plate? Besides, his home and business is in Seattle, while hers is in Texas. For now, they enjoy each other and will worry about the future once his time is up. Max is hard at work trying to find the blackmailer, but in TAKING HOME THE TYCOON, the blackmail story is mostly in the background. While several characters from prior tales do show up in scenes, this story can easily be read as a standalone.

A sexy bachelor, a beautiful woman, a couple of children and a dog fill the pages of TAKING HOME THE TYCOON. It's a satisfying romance that will leave you with a smile on your face. Run to your nearest book retailer and grab a copy today.

Patti Fischer