Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2336
ISBN: 978-0-373-73349-1
November 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

During a horrific tornado, the only thing Megan Maguire can think of is finding her little girl, Evie, but after her car is destroyed in the storm, she's luckily rescued by her nemesis, Texas tycoon Whit Daltry. He helps her to get to her daughter and sticks around to make sure they're both okay. Afterwards, he helps Megan out at the animal rescue shelter she runs, which brings them even closer together. There's a zing of attraction between them, yet both realize there can't be anything permanent between single mom Megan and bachelor Whit.

Both Megan and Whit realize that they shouldn't get too involved with each other because her little girl might begin to think of him as her new daddy. Yet he's proven to be handy to have around, what with helping her at the rescue center and taking her and Evie on trips to remember. Soon he's taking Megan out on dates, and they're drifting into an affair. But even as they grow closer, the more she pulls away from him, wary of getting involved with a man who can't promise her a future.

A tornado and the after effects provide the storyline in the latest Cattleman's Club series, and in SHELTERED BY THE MILLIONAIRE, Catherine Mann brings to the forefront the animals that are affected by storms. Megan's caring heart will do anything for these animals, and even if Whit has been a thorn in her side in the past, she can't say no to his help now, especially since he has the means to provide it. After watching Evie's father walk away when she told him she was pregnant, she will do anything to protect her child from getting attached to a man to only see him walk out of their lives.

Whit doesn't consider himself an animal lover, but it doesn't take long before Megan has him adopting a cat. Of course, she'll have to help him get into the finer points of feline care, which brings them closer. He begins to appreciate what she does, and she gets more insight into the bachelor cowboy. Just as they appear to settle into bliss, trouble raises its head. Is it enough to permanently break them up?

Even if you're not an animal lover, readers will appreciate the brave job Megan does to help animals in need. But her past has her leery of men, and when Whit seems too good to be true, Megan backs away. In SHELTERED BY THE MILLIONAIRE, he has to prove he can be sincere. With a great storyline that includes the rescue of animals, SHELTERED BY THE MILLIONAIRE is a must book to read this month.

Patti Fischer