Bayou Billionaires , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2441
ISBN: 978-0-373-73454-2
April 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana Present Day

After three years of marriage, Fiona Harper-Reynaud and her husband, star quarterback Henri Reynaud, are finding their marriage is on the rocks. Of course, their married life hasn't been easy with Fiona's decision to have a total mastectomy and hysterectomy after it was discovered she's carrying the cancer gene that runs in her family, which has already taken the lives of her mother and other members of her family. Henri is trying to be there for her, but Fiona has withdrawn, knowing that she can't give him children and that she could still eventually end up with cancer. They have maintained a public façade to those around them, but behind closed doors they argue with each other. Is their marriage unsalvageable?

Henri still loves Fiona, but is perplexed by her shutting him out. They had agreed to postpone any divorce announcement until after the football season is over. As the star quarterback of the New Orleans Hurricanes, which is owned by his family, he doesn't need any distractions in their quest for a Super Bowl trophy. But what Fiona isn't telling Henri is that she's scheduled for a biopsy, as an irregularity has been discovered. Her secrets are contributing to the early destruction of their marriage.

REUNITED WITH THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE is a powerful tale with the scare of cancer changing the path of a once happy marriage. Henri and Fiona fell quickly in love, and when a pregnancy scare forced their elopement, they never had the chance to slowly build a relationship. She has been the perfect wife, while Henri has stood resolutely by his wife's side. Yet, underneath lies a bit of a lack of trust. Fiona's mother died from cancer when she was young, and she saw how it affected her father. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to Henri. She feels walking away from the marriage is for the best. Henri wants to understand what is making his wife tick and if she can open up to him.

Yet, there still remains a flicker of desire between Henri and Fiona. As he delves into finding out what is going on with her, this results in some time together. They haven't made love in six months, when she had her surgery, as she shied away from him. Finally in REUNITED WITH THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE, they get a chance to reconnect in bed. But will it be too late to save their marriage? Fiona is determined to not be a sickly burden on Henri, while he tries to win her back. Will the truth come out and will they find love again?

Part of the Bayou Billionaires series by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock about a football family in New Orleans, it is probably a good idea to read the first two books in the series, HIS PREGNANT PRINCESS BRIDE and HIS SECRETARY'S SURPRISE FIANCE' to understand the family dynamics and because all the characters interact. That being said, one can read REUNITED WITH THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE as a standalone without a lot of difficulty.

A marriage is on the rocks as a couple struggles with the fear of cancer that pushes a wedge between them. Can Henri and Fiona rediscover the magic that first brought them together? Find out in the sizzling and emotional REUNITED WITH THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer