PLAYING FOR KEEPS - Catherine Mann
The Alpha Brotherhood , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2221
ISBN: 978-0-373-73234-0
April 2013
Series Romance

Azalea, Mississippi and Various Locations throughout Europe - Present Day

Malcolm Douglas and Celia Patel were teenage sweethearts who found their lives torn apart due to an unplanned pregnancy. While he never proved it, shortly afterwards Malcolm was set up in a drug arrest and sent away to a military reform school. Celia gave birth to their child and gave it up for adoption, but it tore her heart apart. Now eighteen years later, she comes face to face with Malcolm, who is now a world famous pop singer. Someone is threatening Celia's life and Malcolm is here to help protect her. She doesn't feel she needs his assistance, but soon can't deny the old feelings for him are once more coming alive. Will being around him reopen the wounds she'd hoped had healed with time?

Malcolm hates that he hurt Celia and knows that she's better off without him, but that hasn't stopped him from "monitoring" her for the past several years. What he hasn't told her is that as a result of his military school connections, he was recruited to join Interpol, with his singing career providing an alibi for a cover. As a result, it gives Malcolm avenues for protecting her, but the first step is not only convincing her to come on tour with him, but that she needs his protection.

Imagine if your favorite singer was secretly an international secret agent and lived on the edge of danger? That is how Malcolm lives in PLAYING FOR KEEPS, the latest tale in The Alpha Brotherhood series from Catherine Mann.  While they may have been separated for eighteen years, Malcolm and Celia haven't forgotten about each other and the daughter she bore. She tries to resist his macho mindset that she can't take care of herself, despite the fact that the threats against her continue due to her father's criminal prosecution of a drug lord. All Malcolm knows is that Celia can only remain safe under his care, so he practically strong-arms her to come with him. She reluctantly agrees, and the two head to Europe. How long will it take before Celia and Malcolm are back in each other's arms? When the instigator of the threats is found, can Celia's life return to normal…or will she lose her heart again to Malcolm?

The men of the Alpha Brotherhood all met at the military school and became fast friends and eventually were recruited to perform occasional espionage for Interpol. In PLAYING FOR KEEPS, will Malcolm reveal his secret life to Celia? Can they reach out to each other and discuss their long lost daughter without having it rip open the wounds?  Yet, PLAYING FOR KEEPS is both emotional and sexy as Malcolm and Celia rekindle their love. Is there any chance for a future together? Grab a copy of PLAYING FOR KEEPS and discover why Ms. Mann delivers a tale that readers won't soon forget.

Patti Fischer