Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2151
ISBN: 978-0-373-73164-0
April 2012
Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Air Force Major Hank Renshaw's best friend Kevin died in his arms after being hit by a sniper while both were on duty months ago, and now Hank is finally ready to act on a promise he made. Hank has stayed away from facing Kevin's fiancée, Gabrielle Ballard, knowing that he feels guilt over a passionate kiss they once shared, and after hearing Kevin's final words that he suspected Hank was in love with her. Arriving on her doorstep in the midst of Mardi Gras, Hank is stunned to learn that Gabrielle has a baby—and that Kevin is the father. His honor dictates that he help her in any way. Is it for Kevin's sake—or his own?

Gabrielle never told Kevin she was pregnant, and then he died. She is determined to raise her son Max on her own and doesn't need the interfering presence of Hank to help her. But with Max being ill and on the verge of having surgery, Gabrielle gives into Hank's offer of assistance…at least for the time being. Yet his presence has her remembering their kiss and her guilt over how good it felt. Dare she get involved with a man whose first love is the military?

An unexpected kiss during a moment of a heartfelt chat is the catalyst for guilt in HONORABLE INTENTIONS. Gabrielle's goals are to get Max healthy and for her to finish college. Raised in a military family herself, she's seen her mother dedicate and sacrifice for her family. Hank represents her past—not all of it good. She feels as if her relationship with her late fiancé was left hanging on a bad note after they fought just before he was deployed.

Hank comes from a prominent and wealthy family, and Gabrielle would rather stay out of the limelight and raise Max quietly. Her first priority is her son and getting him well, so she reluctantly accepts Hank's help and allows him to be by her side. After a flood at her apartment, Hank moves them to a mansion temporarily. Both know that once Hank's leave is up he's leaving town, but for the moment, it allows them to explore this attraction that still lingers between them. Hank isn't the type to give love freely, so he holds back his heart from Gabrielle. He has to come to terms with what happened between them when they kissed and, most of all, that he isn't responsible for Kevin's death.

If you're a fan of Catherine Mann's Harlequin Desires, you'll be pleased to know that Hank is related to the Landis family and the extended family from previous books. Hank prefers to be independent from his family, but will make use of his wealth and influence whenever necessary, including while wooing Gabrielle. Their coming together is sensual and heartwarming, as this couple clearly belongs together.

Hank and Gabrielle have to work out the issues of their past before they can forge a future together. A warm, entertaining tale I thoroughly enjoyed, pick up your copy of HONORABLE INTENTIONS.

Patti Fischer