Bayou Billionaires, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2427
ISBN: 978-0-373-73440-5
February 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Princess Erika Mitras and billionaire Gervais Reynaud hooked up in England while he was there scouting out the location of a football game for the professional team he owns. It was just a weekend fling, but unexpectedly Erika shows up in New Orleans one day to tell Gervais that she is pregnant with his child. The first reaction that he has is to demand that they marry, but she refuses. He finally persuades her to stay with him for a couple of weeks so that they “can get to know one another since they're going to have a baby together.” However, he hopes to convince her that marriage is the best thing for them to do. Will rekindling the passion between them also be a part of his plan?

Erika has spent most of her life battling to do what she wants to do and not be a pawn in a royal power battle. First was her parents' insistence that good princesses follow the rules and marry well. Erika has other ideas that included joining her country's military and studying to become a nurse-practitioner. Certainly getting pregnant was not part of her immediate plans. She'll have the baby and allow Gervais access as a parent, but…marriage? No way. Yet there's no denying the intense chemistry that sizzles between them.

Catherine Mann once again provides readers with an exciting romance in HIS PREGNANT PRINCESS BRIDE as a couple that didn't have marriage in their plans suddenly find themselves about to become parents. Erika is trying to remain independent despite the weight of being the fifth daughter in a deposed monarchy. She wants to follow her own path, and Gervais isn't going to sidetrack her into a loveless marriage. Gervais has his own family issues, starting with a father who wasn't a good role model. As such, Gervais had no plans to marry as he works to build his NFL team franchise to be the best. The news that he's about to become a daddy scares him as much as it excites him. Gervais can't promise Erika love, but he can provide her and their child a secure financial future. But Erika wants more. Can there be any chance of a compromise that finds love and a happily-ever-after for them?

His family is part of the corporation that owns the football team, and a couple of his brothers also live in the family mansion where Gervais brings Erika to stay with him. HIS PREGNANT PRINCESS BRIDE is the first of four tales in the Bayou Billionaires series co-written by Ms. Mann and Joanne Rock, and readers will be pulled into the drama surrounding the Reynaud men. They are loyal to each other, but finding romance and happiness hasn't been easy.

Gervais and Erika jumped into the fire before they barely knew each other and came away with a baby on board. Building trust is going to be paramount before they can make the bigger jump to commitment. Watch as they fall in love in the intriguingly entertaining HIS PREGNANT PRINCESS BRIDE.

Patti Fischer