Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2115
ISBN: 978-0-373-73128-2
October 2011
Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina and St. Augustine, Florida – Present Day

Hoping to secure a contract cleaning Seth Jansen's fleet of jets, Alexa Randall is stunned to discover while cleaning one of his planes that there are two babies on the aircraft. The note left behind indicates the babies belong to Seth, and his ex wants him to take them for a few days while she “recuperates.” Alexa hasn't met Seth, but when he walks onto the plane, her breath is taken away by his handsomeness and air of authority. Of course, he's flummoxed what to do with the twins because he's about to take off to Florida for an important business meeting. So, he comes up with the first idea that pops into his head—he hires Alexa to join him on the trip as the twin's temporary nanny.

Seth loves his kids, but now isn't the time for his ex, Pippa, to jump ship. This impending deal will bring in lots of money to Jansen Jets, and the last thing he needs is a wrench thrown into his plans. But Alexa agrees to the impromptu arrangement and Seth is secretly glad. She's beautiful, and while business is foremost in his plan, he also hopes to mix in a little pleasure on the trip. Of course, Seth will have to make it clear to her that he's not looking for any future with her, because he's been burned by women and he has no plans to marry again. But can he get her to agree to a short term affair?

Finding babies on jets is not something Alexa normally runs into, and getting involved with their handsome and rich father is the last thing she expects in BILLIONAIRE'S JET SET BABIES. While she's not looking to get involved with a man right now, Seth attracts her like nothing she's ever experienced. Alexa is leery of rich men because she grew up in a family who had—and lost—money, and it left her feeling out of control. She prefers to be the one calling the shots, and right now that means what she wants is the Jansen Jets cleaning contract. After Seth dangles it in front of her, she can't say no to his offer of a temporary nanny. Will this include sleeping with the boss?

After a disastrous and short lived marriage, it's easy to see why Seth is gun-shy. He loves his nearly one year old babies and he knows they are a handful, yet that wasn't a reason for Pippa to abandon them. His mind has to be on the business deal, but it keeps wandering to the luscious Alexa. She has her own secrets, as he does, and he wonders what it will take to unlock them. Meanwhile, Seth and Alexa grow closer, even as the wall of secrets threatens to keep them apart.

Catherine Mann has once again penned an engaging tale of passion between two strong-willed characters. Can they get past the barriers and find their happily-ever-after? Discover the answer in BILLIONAIRE'S JET SET BABIES.

Patti Fischer