The Alpha Brotherhood , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2173
ISBN: 978-0-373-73186-2
August 2012
Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois and Costa Rica – Present Day

Hillary Wright has spent her entire adult life always picking Mr. Wrong, so when she ends up on the wrong side of the law after her latest romantic escapade, she agrees to help the Feds in their investigation of her ex-boyfriend's scam. On the plane to Chicago, Hillary meets a man who is charming and clearly attracted to her, but she's not yet ready to dip her toes into that river again. But at the function that night where she is to identity the bad guy, she runs into her sexy stranger…and it turns out he is billionaire—and notorious hacker—Troy Donavan. Troy plucks her out of the crowd and whisks her off to first, Monte Carlo, then to Costa Rica, all in the name of protecting her until the bad guy is brought to justice. But who is going to protect her from losing her heart to Troy?

Troy did a bad thing as a teen when he hacked into government computers, but he has come a long way and made a fortune. His brilliant mind is put to use by the government on occasional jobs, like this current one involving Hillary. He's intrigued by Hillary with her simple beauty and refreshing attitude. He's aware that after her last boyfriend turned out to be Mr. Wrong that she's gun shy about any new relationship, but Troy is good at seducing away any qualms she has. Once the job is over, will they each go their separate ways? Or can Troy find a way to keep Hillary in his life?

AN INCONVENIENT AFFAIR has it all for romance novel lovers…a rich hero, a plucky heroine, a tropical getaway, and the right mix of intrigue and humor to make this a page-turner. Hillary has been unlucky in love, and her latest romance ends with her in hot water. After she agrees to help identify a man involved, she hopes her life will turn back to normal. But the entrance of the charming Troy has her life turned upside down. Troy will do whatever it takes to win her over, even indulging Hillary in her “all things cows” fascination. Throw in some cow doodads and jokes, well, it's not surprising that Hillary falls in love with Troy. But even as he charms her, he keeps a part of his heart locked away. Both Hillary and Troy, after miserable childhoods, have a fear of commitment.

After Troy's criminal ways as a teen, he was sent to a center to be locked up until he turned twenty-one. Under the guidance and influence of the school director, Colonel John Salvatore, and the friendship of other teens at the center, Troy is part of an undercover group of men called the Alpha Brotherhood. AN INCONVENIENT AFFAIR is the first book in The Alpha Brotherhood series from Catherine Mann, and readers will surely be intrigued by the men of the Alpha Brotherhood. We only catch brief glimpses of the other two, but I for one can't wait to meet them fully.

A sexy tale that has our characters jetting around the world and getting to know each other up close and personal, AN INCONVENIENT AFFAIR is a topnotch read I highly recommend. The love scenes between Troy and Hillary sizzle as though inspired by the Costa Rican weather around them. Readers can count on Catherine Mann to serve up riveting dialogue and action packed scenes. You won't be disappointed, as AN INCONVENIENT AFFAIR is a winner from start to finish.

Patti Fischer