ALL OR NOTHING – Catherine Mann
The Alpha Brotherhood , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2203
ISBN: 978-0-373-73216-6
January 2013
Series Romance

Monte Carlo, Monaco and West Africa – Present Day

It's been three years since Jayne Hughes walked away from her billionaire husband, Conrad Hughes, and she figures it's time they divorce. However, Conrad has been refusing to sign the divorce papers, so Jayne knows the only way to get his attention is to show up at his casino in Monte Carlo. She's barely plunked down her expensive engagement ring on the blackjack table when Conrad appears at her side and whisks her to his apartment. He makes it clear that he doesn't want a divorce, yet he won't tell Jayne the truth about why he was so secretive while they were together. In her book, nothing has changed between them.

Conrad can't tell Jayne the truth, that he works undercover for Interpol from time to time. By not revealing this to her, he is protecting her, especially as there are people out there who want to eliminate Conrad. Yet he can't just let Jayne walk away because he still cares for her and feels he can protect her by having her under his roof. But his secrets still create a wall between them. When his boss shows up just as Conrad and Jayne are about to make love (yeah, bad timing), she learns the truth—and that she has apparently now been targeted by the bad guys because she is Conrad's Achilles heel. There is only one thing for Conrad to do and that is to whisk Jayne off to his isolated African home, where they are safe from the outside world and very much alone…

The best way to describe Conrad Hughes is to imagine if James Bond was married and kept his secret life from his bride. As savvy as Conrad is in nabbing the bad guys, he has failed miserably in keeping Jayne happy. She wants answers, and he can't give them to her for risk of exposing his cover as the billionaire casino owner in Monte Carlo. As a teenager, Conrad was sent away to a military school where he connected with the principal who later recruited him and some of the other students for covert Interpol assignments. Conrad gets a thrill out of the activities, yet doesn't want to expose Jayne to any possible harm, something that could happen if he lets her know the truth. But that all comes apart when his own boss spills the beans. Now Conrad will do anything to protect her.

Jayne is a nurse and first met Conrad after he broke his ankle. A whirlwind courtship and elopement seemed like a fairytale for her, but soon she began to realize that Conrad wasn't telling her everything. Her own father cheated on her mother, so this was the first thing that came to mind when Conrad started hiding his activities. Jayne walked away and has built a new life as a hospice nurse. While she's not currently involved with anyone else, she wants to put Conrad behind so that she can finally move on. When she learns of the truth behind his secrets, she's both angry at his keeping the secret and scared that his life is constantly in danger. Their sudden trip to Africa reveals a new side of Conrad to Jayne, and it soon becomes impossible for her to ignore the passion that's still there between them. But can a rekindled love life help them get past the lack of trust?

A passionate read that will have readers eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next, ALL OR NOTHING is another exciting tale penned by the talented Catherine Mann. If you love sexy handsome superspies, then look no further than Conrad Hughes in ALL OR NOTHING. The question isn't whether Jayne will fall back in love with her husband, but whether they can make things work out. Find out for yourself.

Patti Fischer