Harlequin Desire #2408
ISBN: 978-0-373-73421-4
November 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Florida Coast – Present Day

After being injured in a car accident, Alaina Rutger cannot remember the past five years—or her husband, Porter. Did something traumatic happen that caused her to lose her memory? Porter insists everything was fine, and they need to continue to build their life together raising their newly adopted son, Thomas. Porter takes her to their Florida coastal mansion, where she'll recuperate and spend Christmas. While he insists to Alaina that everything is okay between them, she feels he's not telling her something. The presence of his mother only intensifies the feelings. Yet, even as she wonders what happened between herself and Porter before the accident, desire soon bursts into passion between them.

Porter is hiding a secret. Alaina and he were headed for a divorce when they got the news their adoption had been approved and he asked her to stay while they started raising their son. He's afraid if she learns about the impending divorce she'll leave him, and he wants a second chance with her. As the days and nights countdown toward Christmas, Porter works on wooing his wife. He proves successful in getting her into bed, but once she remembers what happens, will she turn her back on him? Meanwhile, his mother, who didn't like Alaina, is around, and he fears she'll tell Alaina the truth.

Amnesia and secrets fill the pages of A CHRISTMAS BABY SURPRISE by Catherine Mann. Porter and Alaina fell in love five years ago and married.  Their life appeared charmed to outsiders, but deep inside was a couple struggling with infertility. Their inability to conceive led to fights, and finally, to lawyers drawing up the divorce papers. When their application for a child is suddenly approved, Porter hopes for a second chance, but the accident—and her amnesia—throws a roadblock into everything.  He fears his mother could ruin his quest for winning Alaina again.

Alaina is confused, especially with the sixth sense that all is not right between herself and Porter despite his reassurances. The doctor had advised Porter not to upset her and to let her memory return naturally. She sees flashes from the past…pain…is it because of Porter? They bond over their new son and appear to grow closer, but Alaina holds herself back from full commitment until she can remember the past five years. Clues—from his mother and a nosy neighbor—have her wondering about Porter's truthfulness.

A CHRISTMAS BABY SURPRISE is an emotional tale of new beginnings as Porter tries to win back Alaina. Will their love win out in the end? Find out in this enjoyable story.

Patti Fischer