NIGHT SCHOOL – Mari Mancusi
A Blood Coven Vampire Novel, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-425-24042-7
January 2011
Young Adult Paranormal

Various Places – Present Day

Sunny and Rayne McDonald have not had an easy life, but they figured the worst was behind them. Sunny is no longer a vampire, Rayne is now both a vampire and a vampire slayer, but they pretty much have it all figured out. Until their parents spill their huge news . . . they're fairies, which means Sunny and Rayne are, too. And not only is their Mom a fairy, but she's next in line to the throne, making her kids—you guessed it—fairy princesses.

To hide from the fairies who want to kidnap Rayne and Sunny and take them to fairyland, the girls hide out in a school that trains vampire slayers. Tucked away in a remote location with no phones or internet, it seems like the perfect hideout. Except Rayne is hungry, and there's no synthetic blood to be found. Not to mention there's something weird about the whole operation.

The newest novel in the Blood Coven series, NIGHT SCHOOL is another thrilling installment to Rayne and Sunny's story. Told from Rayne's point of view, the story is laced with vampiric pop culture references, from Buffy, Dracula, Twilight, and beyond. The characters are beyond charming, and each brings something great to the table.

Reading the previous novels in the series is not required, as Rayne proceeds to give the reader a breakdown of her hectic life before the story opens. That said, I suggest reading the rest of the series for entertainment value alone, since Sunny, Rayne, and the gang are always good for a laugh and a fun time. And be sure to catch the next book in the series, BLOOD TIES, coming August of 2011.

Amanda Toth