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Canary Street Press
ISBN: 978-1-335-44866-8
February 13, 2024
Contemporary Romance

Los Lobos, California – Present Day

Three women come together in a romance book club for fun, wine, and getting to know each other better. By the end of the summer, will they have found their own romance?

Laurel is a single mother of two girls. Her ex left her with a large mortgage payment, and he drained their bank account before he ran off to Jamaica, so she is using her yard sale expertise to acquire and sell another person’s junk. She recently learned that her oldest daughter hates men and looking around, Laurel realizes there are no men in their lives. She runs into Colton, who is new to town and ends up having a one-time fling with him. But it turns out Colton is good with the girls, so might he be the male influence they need? However, Laurel says no more sex to Colton. Will they be able to resist each other?

Paris runs the popular garden stand. She has been contented without a man in her life since her divorce, but the return of her ex leaves her confused. Why does she care that Jonah, who is now widowed and has a son, is going to be staying in town for a couple of months caring for his mother? Jonah wants to be friends again. No pressure. Will Paris accept the terms? How about when she begins to get closer to Jonah and his son? What happens when it becomes time for him to leave?

Cassie is new to Los Lobos after her brother and sister told her to stop being their fixer and to take time for herself. An uncle she barely knew died and left her land in Los Lobos. She doesn’t know anyone in town or what to expect. Cassie soon gets a job serving wine at the local bookstore and living in an apartment attached to Laurel’s house. Plus, she becomes friends with Laurel and Paris, joining their book club. While exploring the property left to her, she runs into Raphael, who is excavating old artifacts on the land. An attraction develops, but Cassie feels like she isn’t good enough for him. 

There are many characters to keep track of in THE SUMMER BOOK CLUB, but the focus is on the three women. They haven’t had an easy life, but they soon come together as besties. For Laurel, she is struggling to support her family while continuing to be angry at her ex. He even pops in a couple of times—unexpectedly. Of course he is selfish and doesn’t think about anyone but himself but he’s harming his children. For Paris, she thought her life was perfect even with the blemish of her failed marriage to Jonah. Will their time together give them a chance to explore what went wrong the first time? Jonah’s son soon comes to adore Paris. Will that cause a complication? For Cassie, she was left an orphan at age fourteen when her parents died. Her brother and sister stepped in to raise her, so she feels grateful to them. But was she thanking them too much by not having a life of her own? Her family finally “kicks” her out and tells her to go to California. Will she take advantage of her new experiences?

Readers will soon grow to care for Laurel, Paris, and Cassie. They are three tough, smart women who have been dealing with some bad luck. But they come together to help support each other. In THE SUMMER BOOK CLUB, they learn to grow stronger and build relationships outside their families. Love has to be the next step, especially with three men who love them. Don’t miss this compelling and enjoyable tale. 

Patti Fischer

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