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ONLY HIS – Susan Mallery
Fool's Gold , Book 6
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-0-373-77601-6
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

Fool's Gold, California – Present Day

Nevada Hendrix goes for a final interview with the Janack Construction Company and is surprised to see Tucker Janack.  She expected the interview to be with his father, not the hunk from her college days.  The Janacks' huge construction company is involved in projects around the world and is now going to build a resort and casino on tribal land by Fool's Gold.  Nevada has worked in construction for her brother, Ethan, since college and enjoys the challenge.  The interview gets a little uncomfortable when Tucker brings up their brief romantic interlude years ago.  Nevada is disappointed, thinking she won't get the job she hoped for, but Tucker has other ideas.

Tucker knows that Nevada is good at her job, but when he offers her the job of construction manager, she changes her mind and angrily refuses.  She is still hurt about what happened when she started college and met Tucker.  She was an unsophisticated eighteen, and with one look at him, she was smitten, but he was in love with a gorgeous artistic and temperamental woman named Cat—he couldn't see anyone but her.  Even though Nevada knows she threw herself at him, she was heartbroken over the whole affair.  Later she has a change of heart and takes the job with Tucker.  Now that she is older, she is sure she can be sensible when it comes to working with him.  Tucker feels guilty about what happened with Nevada .  Now he is attracted to her, but vows only friendship.  He never wants to get attached to anyone like he did with his obsessive relationship with Cat.

Tucker works closely with his friend, Will, in his construction company, and is a good friend of Nevada 's brother, Ethan.  Jo owns the local bar which caters to the women of Fool's Gold.  Will is attracted to her, but she refuses to spend time with him.  She has a murky past that stops her from getting interested in men.  Even Nevada 's mother has a special man who comes back to town from her past.  But what will happen when Cat blows into town?

Romance is in the air in ONLY HIS.  Even though the town is known for its over-abundance of women and few men, the ladies usually find romance and their special man.  Readers will meet with old and new friends as Nevada deals with the jokes her male crew plays on her.  A little comedy and a little romance with excellent story telling, make ONLY HIS a book well worth reading.  Nevada and Tucker are both likeable characters.  Will they be able to keep their relationship strictly platonic?  Secondary character, Will, is charming and funny.  You will be hoping Jo relents and gives him a chance.  And what kind of trouble will Cat make?

Another excellent story in the Fool's Gold series, ONLY HIS will keep readers turning the pages and enjoying this entertaining, romantic tale.

Marilyn Heyman
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