Golden Spurs Series
Silhouette Desire #1912
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-76912-4
ISBN-10: 0-373-76912-1
December 2008
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas ~ Present Day

Six weeks prior, Abby Collins and Leo Storm had a torrid one night stand. Now Abby has a little bundle of joy reminding her of that night and is determined to tell the father-to- be the news. After initially trying to pursue Abby, Leo is now avoiding her at all costs, and even calls security when she shows up at his office unannounced. Once Abby is able to get out her news though, he does a quick turnabout and pulls out all the stops to force her to marry him. She doesn't want to enter into a loveless marriage, but he convinces her that there's a sexual chemistry between them. Will it be enough to forge a future together?

Leo has a secret. He pursued Abby six weeks ago because he needed a DNA sample to establish whether she was one of the twin sister missing heiresses. Well, she is, and he's not quite sure how to tell her. He put her out of his sight and life, but here she is, announcing that she's pregnant-—with his child. Now he plans to marry her while he figures out the right time to tell her she has relatives she never knew she had.

Not having read the previous Golden Spurs series books, which were out quite some time ago, I discovered that I had no trouble following what was going on or who was who. Abby thinks of herself as unlovable and unwanted, feelings mostly attributable to her insecurity and sadness over losing her twin sister Becky when they were children. While on an outing one day, Becky disappeared and has been missing ever since. Abby longs for her sister to magically reappear, but deep down, she fears this will never happen. A backlash of Abby's insecurity has her throwing herself at men she considers unworthy of her and, in a way, she did that with Leo. But the sparks burn hot between them and now they're married. Will these sparks prove to light the way to their future? What about when she learns the real reason Leo pursued her that night?

Leo isn't too trusting of women and has to work hard at rejecting Abby's advances to make it a real marriage. He finds her desirable and wants nothing more than to give into his passion for her, but, deep down, he fears what will happen when she learns who she really is. And that his brother is searching for her lost twin, if she is alive. To give into his feelings for Abby means he would have to trust her with his secrets. Everyone is going to be shocked, but could it result in his tenuous relationship with Abby falling apart?

Emotional and tense at times, THE THROWAWAY BRIDE takes readers on a journey of discovery for a couple meant to be together. At the heart of it all are the unexpected pregnancy and the shocking news Leo knows he has to tell Abby, but keeps putting off. Readers know that, in the end, the tumultuous information will help pave the way for their happily ever after. For a bit of suspense and some sizzling sex, but with even more emotion, THE THROWAWAY BRIDE should be put at the top of your to be bought list.

Patti Fischer