Man of the Month
Golden Spurs , Book 4
Silhouette Desire #1945
ISBN: 978-0-373-76945-2
June 2009
Short Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Houston, Texas – Present Day

Private investigator Connor Storm is a man on a mission when he tracks down Anna Barton at an airport in New Mexico, just as she's about to board a flight to Las Vegas. He needs to get close to her and win her trust so that he can determine for sure if she is the long lost Becky Collins. Though he puts off telling her the truth, his plan to get to know her works all too well as Connor and Becky become lovers in Las Vegas , eventually marrying after a whirlwind courtship. But it all falls apart when she discovers he's a PI. For a woman who is already edgy, the news scares her to death. Anna vanishes—until she's located eighteen months later with a little surprise. Congratulations, Connor, you are now a daddy.

Anna's childhood memories are painful and mostly filled with snatches of nightmares. She doesn't know it yet, but she's the long lost Golden Spurs heiress who was kidnapped when she was eight. Connor finally finds Anna again down in Louisiana , and when he forces her back to Texas , all she can see is that the man is horrid and that he's telling her lies. But yet, Connor is a wonderful father to their child. Can they reconnect and work out some kind of future together? Will Anna remember her past and embrace her future as Becky?

Emotion runs rampant in THE BRIDE HUNTER by Ann Major. Anna has no recollection of what happened up until she was discovered and raised by a kindly nun. Anna is distrustful of people and generally keeps to herself. An abusive relationship didn't help her trust issues, but Connor is able to bridge her distrust when he romances her in Las Vegas . Why did he put off telling her the truth? Perhaps because he enjoyed wooing and bedding her. As his wife, she wouldn't be able to escape, as love is the driving force that should have kept them together. Alas, she does run away. Now he has to start from scratch to win her confidence. It won't be easy, as Anna has a lot of emotional baggage to overcome. Connor's intentions are honorable, but it's clear he chooses lust over logic at times. However, one thing remains and that is the overwhelming attraction Anna and Connor feel for each other.

The last installment in the Golden Spurs series, readers will finally get closure and learn what happened to Becky. The chemistry burns hot between Anna and Connor, but distrust acts as the counterpoint. Get past Connor's arrogance and watch as Anna begins to work through her issues. They are a couple who need each other. THE BRIDE HUNTER is a story readers will not soon forget.

Patti Fischer