Mira Books
ISBN: 1-55166-956-0
October 2002
Contemporary Romance

Texas - Present Day

At fourteen, rancher’s daughter Ritz Keller happens upon the sight of her young life -- Roque Moya Blackstone swimming naked in a pond on his father’s land. She is drawn to Roque from the moment she sees him, despite the fact that she’s supposed to stay away from him since her family and his have been involved in a bitter feud for years. The encounter ends badly, with Roque injured by his father when the teenagers are found together, and Ritz’s father issuing a stern warning to stay away from anyone named Blackstone. Roque returns to Mexico to live with his mother, but the attraction between Roque and Ritz endures, despite years apart.

When they meet again, fires long banked are quickly stirred to life and eventually explode in a night of endless passion. Ritz comes away from that night pregnant, only to be heartbroken to discover Roque is married to another woman. Her family casts her aside; she loses the comfortable life she’s accustomed to, and eventually she even loses the life of her unborn child.

Ten years later, they meet again. Even though Roque still blames her for the miscarriage, the attraction between them is as fiery as ever. Can they get past their family’s legacy of bitter hatred, as well as all the pain they’ve caused each other, and forge a union based on love that has endured since they were teenagers? Or have betrayal, tragedy, secrets and lies made it impossible for them to truly open their hearts to each other again?

A complex, insightful plot, fascinating characters and the rich texture of the Texas backdrop are artfully woven into this modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. Ritz is a courageous heroine who endures much sadness and heartbreak in her life, but never breaks under the pressure. Roque is a virile, strong, sexy Alpha male, complete with leather jacket and powerful motorcycle, yet he also knows when he’s crossed the line into too much "machismo" and is able to show a more sensitive side. The chemistry between the two characters explodes whenever they get near each other, and their love scenes are steamy and sensuous.

My only complaint in an otherwise enjoyable story is that there are a few unrealistic or unexplained details in the plot. For instance, how did Roque manage to avoid serious injury when he and his motorcycle careen under an 18-wheeler oil truck and across several lanes of traffic? How did Roque and Ritz manage a complete change of clothes and a wonderful steak dinner at a deserted beach house without ever stopping at a store? And how does a character who suffered years of infertility caused by endometriosis suddenly get pregnant from one night of unprotected sex? Yes, it happens, but it’s unlikely and extremely rare. Some of these instances are merely distracting, while others involve pivotal plot elements.

Overall, however, MARRY A MAN WHO WILL DANCE is a riveting, sensual story whose characters will touch readers’ hearts and stir their emotions.

Joanne Holbrook