Harlequin Desire #2101
ISBN: 978-0-373-73114-5
August 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas - The Present

Caitlyn Wakefield's horse ranch is in financial trouble. Hassan, a rich acquaintance, helped bail her out. Now he is sending an advisor to help her get her ranch back in good financial standing. The last person she expects to show up is Luke Kilgore. He worked on the ranch when her father was manager, and then abruptly left without a goodbye the night she was going to relay a big secret. She was pregnant. Now Luke is a successful businessman, a billionaire, who lives in England .

Although Luke tells himself that since Caitlyn's mother fired him and ran him off years ago in humiliation, Caitlyn means nothing to him. He is even considering asking a young woman in England to marry him. He might believe his indifference if his body and imagination didn't react so vividly around Caitlyn. Still, he will to do what Hassan asked and leave. That remains his goal until he sees his son in a chance encounter.

Both Caitlyn and Luke are well drawn characters, both driven in their own way to succeed, both stymied by the past and how to proceed. Luke can't control his empire from a Texas ranch, and how could a cowgirl like Caitlyn survive in his hometown of London ? Plus, any accord is blocked by the terrible emotions surrounding their separation years ago. The pages are full of emotional turmoil and the attraction only love can inspire. And while a happy ending is sure, it's the tango around the issues and emotional drama of the romance that entertains readers. This romance sizzles.

Robin Lee