Harlequin Desire
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73324-8
July 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

New York, New York - Present Day

Bree Oliver is a simple girl who always wanted to work in publishing and become an editor, but she put her dreams aside to help her brother run his restaurant, Chez Z.  Now the famous Chef Z, her brother, is dead.  He left the restaurant to Bree, so she does what everyone expects of her, puts her dreams aside to keep the successful restaurant open and running.  Bree is also a talented chef in her own right, even though she has never been classically trained.  Cooking relaxes her, and she likes working in the kitchen, but after Z's death, she's been having to deal with the failing finances.  One of Z's main investors, Will North, has been coming to the restaurant to help her out.

The adopted son of millionaire James North, Michael North runs his deceased father's company with a firm hand.  He promised his parent he would take care of his step-brother, Will, who needs a firm hand when it comes to money.  When Michael realizes that Will has invested thousands of dollars in Chez Z, he formulates a plan to turn Bree Oliver away from his brother.  Michael seduces Bree, and then proceeds tell her what he thinks of her attempt to corrupt his brother for his money.  Bree is outraged!  She and Will are friends, nothing more.  She storms out of Michael's building, planning never to darken his door again.

And eight weeks later, HER PREGNANCY SECRET is a big one!  An accident had taken Will's life right after their wedding, but Michael insists he has promised Will he would take care of her and the child.  Bree knows he just wants to get his hands on the North heir, her child.  Michael thinks the child is Will's, but Bree is not telling who the father of her baby is; all she desires is to be left alone to raise her baby on her own.  Bree wants nothing to do with the North money or name.  Now, she just needs Michael to go away.

Michael and Bree have a chemistry that cannot be denied, but it is a long road to the discovering of true love.  Can they learn to like each other, love each other?  Get HER PREGNANCY SECRET and find out!

Diana Risso