A MOST DEVILISH ROGUE – Ashlyn Macnamara
Book 2 in the Most Series
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-53476-7
September 2013
Historical Romance

England 1820

As the daughter of an earl, Isabelle was brought up in luxury, but perhaps something was missing or she might not have given up her innocence so easily that night. Not only did the man abandon her immediately afterward, but her family cast her out as soon as they learned she was increasing. Isabelle was lucky to fall in with a kindly woman of the lower class who took her under her wing. Isabelle, Biggles, and six year-old Jack live in a small village in Kent where the ladies eke out a living among the unfriendly inhabitants.

Though he appears to lead the carefree life of a gentleman on the Town, George Upperton has troubles aplenty. He's short of funds and was just about to dismiss his expensive mistress when she tells him that she is pregnant with his child, and her ugly brute of a brother gives him a beating. His mother nags at him to take her and his sisters to a house party in Kent, where she will push all the young unmarried misses at him in her mission to get him wed. The party happens to be at the home of a very good friend, so he goes along. He might be able to borrow from Revelstoke and perhaps win more money at cards. You see, George has a mission. Another good friend of his recently racked up heavy debt and took his own life. George wants to pay the man's debts and see to his family…and get revenge on the person who knowingly took advantage of the man. George, it seems, has a tender heart under his rakish façade

The guests attending the house party at Shoreford House and Isabelle in her small cottage in the village are unlikely to meet, but Fate intervenes by sending George out for a walk. He's attracted by the laughter of a child playing on the shore with a lovely young woman. As he watches the merry scene, the boy goes out too far and disappears under the waves. George reacts immediately and is able to save him.

By this time, any reader will be caught up in the unfolding tale. Driven equally by a rich and suspenseful plot and by complicated characters—as well as a passionate romance—A MOST DEVILISH ROGUE is a wonderful sequel to the author's debut novel out last March, A MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL. Something happens on every page.

I like a story that's told through dialogue and events. This book does that and does it with wit and heart.

Jane Bowers