THE PRINCE'S BRIDE – Julianne MacLean
The Royal Trilogy , Book 3
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-55281-7
May 2013
Historical Romance

France and Petersbourg – 1815

Veronique Montagne has agreed to an act of desperation in order to save her family's home. Lord d'Entremont, the man who won the manor from Veronique's father, wants her to kidnap Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg. At a masked ball, she manages to entice the prince outside where she drugs him and gets him into a coach. Veronique can't believe she has done something so atrocious, but she can't have her parents thrown out of their home either.

Nicholas awakens in a haze of confusion. He's locked in a strange room, and the person on the other side of the door is none other than the lovely masked woman he met at the ball. Soon he discovers the reason for his kidnapping, and when he finally convinces Veronique that he will help her if she unlocks the door, Nicholas is convinced that all will be well. But before they can escape, d'Entremont returns and reveals something that will affect everyone in Nicholas's life.

Although their relationship started off on a strange note, Nicholas finds himself admiring love of family, determination, and most of all the beauty of Veronique. His reputation as a rogue haunts him as he finds a true passion blossoming for the lovely French girl. Will the revelations d'Entremont made change how she feels for him? How will Nicholas face the future?

THE PRINCE'S BRIDE is the final book in The Royal Trilogy which tells the stories of the royal family of Petersbourg. Nicholas has always been the troubled one of the three siblings, and he starts to realize after meeting Veronique that he can improve his life because of her. Veronique is amazed that her criminal activity of abducting a prince can possibly turn her life around as she falls for the handsome rogue.

Don't miss THE PRINCE'S BRIDE—the delightfully presented conclusion to an enjoyable trilogy—but do also read the previous two novels: BE MY PRINCE and PRINCESS IN LOVE.

Jani Brooks