Book 2 in The Royal Trilogy
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-55279-4
November 2012
Historical Romance

England and the Kingdom of Petersbourg 1815

Princess Rose of Petersbourg is in love with the wrong man. For many years, her heart has belonged to Leopold Hunt, the Marquess of Cavanaugh. But she is betrothed to the future emperor of Austria, and her heart doesn't count; her responsibility is to her brother, the new King of Petersbourg. It doesn't stop the hurt, though, especially when it's Leopold who rescues her after a carriage accident in England.

Being in love with someone he cannot have has changed many things in Leopold's life. Although he is a secret Royalist, and his father still has plans to regain control of Petersbourg, Leopold's heart just isn't in it any longer. Despite the fact that he knows she is betrothed to the heir of the Austrian throne, he also knows that Rose still loves him, and maybe he still has a chance. But getting caught up in his father's machinations may prove to be fatal if he's not careful.

Palace intrigue and forbidden love is the premise for PRINCESS IN LOVE. Both Rose and Leopold know their responsibilities, but that doesn't mean that they can shut off their feelings for each other easily. Leopold must make a desperate choice between loyalty to his family, or love for Rose. And Rose bravely looks at a future of political obligation all the while knowing she can never truly feel for her betrothed as she does for Leopold.

PRINCESS IN LOVE is book two in The Royal Trilogy , and continues with the story started in BE MY PRINCE. Rose's commitment to her brother and her small country puts her own feelings to the side, and as much as it hurts her to lose Leopold, she knows she will do what is required of her. To Leopold, obligations to his family are questionable as he doubts his father's intentions and worries what it can do to Rose and her family. Rose and Leopold are the primary characters in this tale, but family members from BE MY PRINCE will be reintroduced also.

This is an enjoyable, entertaining story, and I am looking forward to the final book in this trilogy.

Jani Brooks