BE MY PRINCE – Julianne MacLean
The Royal Trilogy , Book One
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-55277-0
May 2012
Historical Romance

England and the Kingdom of Petersbourg – 1814

Lady Alexandra Monroe is beginning her first Season in London—a Season well planned by someone else. For years Alex has lived in obscurity in Wales with her younger sisters, barely surviving on the meager allowance from their guardian. But now she is dressing in beautiful gowns and appearing at balls. Of course now she knows why. As the only surviving member of the royal family of Petersbourg, it is now important for her to be seen. And not just by anyone in the ton , but by the future king of Petersbourg who is in England , reportedly to find a wife. Alex must withhold her contempt for the man whose father deposed her father, who died mysteriously afterward. One thing, though, the prince is not to know who she really is.

Much to Alex's surprise, it is the crown prince's brother she is attracted to from their first meeting. Nicholas is his brother Randolph's right hand, and it is up to him to make sure any young lady the prince meets is a proper prospective bride. Nicholas, known as a rogue, entrances Alex, and her benefactor begins to worry that his plan may backfire if she is swept away by the wrong prince.

But love is never that easy, and when a scandal unfolds, Alex is bewildered by the outcome. How many secrets are being kept by all of the involved parties? Will marriage to a future king solve all of Alex's problems? And who can be trusted?

BE MY PRINCE is the first book in the new Royal Trilogy. Much will be revealed as each page is turned, both to Alex, as well as to her future husband. With a cast of secondary characters which grows once the scene moves to Petersbourg, this well-written, unusual love story is riveting and filled with passion and excitement. It's a great beginning to a new series. I'm looking forward to the next installment, PRINCESS IN LOVE.

Jani Brooks