Throne of Glass Series, Book One
ISBN: 978-1599906959
August 2012
Young Adult Fantasy

Kingdom of Adarlan - Present Day

After spending a year in the prison camp of Endovier, assassin Celaena Sardothien is surprised to be pulled from the work detail. She is even more surprised when it is Crown Prince Dorian himself who demands her presence, and her loyalty as his chosen champion. The King of Adarlan is demanding a contest to determine who shall be his assassin for hire, and Dorian thinks the infamous Sardothien is the perfect choice. But to win the coveted title, Celaena must battle a host of other supposed champions. And after being starved and worked to near-death in a prison camp for the past year, her future isn't looking too bright.

But someone, or something, is brutally murdering the competitors and leaving strange marks smeared on the walls with blood. Celaena fears her strange dreams might be tied to whatever is going on, but she can't hunt for the truth while being under the constant watch of the head of the king's guards, Chaol. And though her original plan was to escape, the longer Celaena stays in the castle, the harder it is for her to think about leaving. Between Dorian and Chaol, Celaena is finding way too many reasons to stay. That is, if the murderer doesn't get her first.

THRONE OF GLASS promises a lot, and it certainly delivers when it comes to plot. The story of Adarlan and its barbaric and tyrannical king is a thrilling one on its own, but add in the gruesome murders and faerie element, and this novel will pull ahead of its competitors. THRONE OF GLASS can and does hold something for everyone: political intrigue, mystery, competition, and horror. Unfortunately, this novel does fall short when it comes to character interaction and depth. It's hard to believe an infamous and feared assassin would act so young, and that a captain of the guards would act so impulsively.

However, what the novel lacks in the character development, it more than makes up for in excitement and speed. Short chapters, plenty of action, and an interesting storyline make THRONE OF GLASS a good, fun read for fans of young adult fantasy. Interested readers should be on the lookout for the four exclusive prequel e-novellas, THE ASSASSIN AND THE PIRATE LORD, THE ASSASSIN AND THE DESERT, THE ASSASSIN AND THE UNDERWORLD, and THE ASSASSIN AND THE EMPIRE. No news on a sequel as of yet, but readers should keep hope. Celaena's story isn't over yet!

Amanda Toth