Duchess Diaries , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2274
ISBN: 978-0-373-73287-6
December 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

A blistering weekend Gina St. Sebastian had with Ambassador Jack Mason ended with her becoming pregnant. She thought it was an honorable thing to let him know, but he insists that they marry. Gina has no intention of marrying a man who doesn't love her, so tries to push him away. But Jack is persistent, chasing her to New York City, where he involves himself into her life—in her job and with her grandmother, Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Karlenburgh. Wherever she turns, there is Jack. Finally, Gina relents a little and they agree to take things slowly. But with her grandmother pressuring her to do the right thing, and Jack's disapproving father glowering at her, she wonders how they can have any kind of future together.

Jack has a potential political opportunity ahead of him and appears to be on the right track. However, his attraction to Gina has sidetracked him, and he's bound and determined to marry her, even if love isn't the reason for marriage. Yet being around Gina has Jack's protective instincts coming into play, especially when two mysterious relatives of hers suddenly appear in New York and integrate themselves into her family. Jack is suspicious—is he right? Will Gina find love with him and agree to marriage?

The second book in the Duchess Diaries series, THE DIPLOMAT'S PREGNANT BRIDE starts out where the previous book, A BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT, ended. Jack crashes Gina's sister's reception and demands that Gina marry him. It's a game of pursuit, and readers know that the dashing Jack will no doubt get the upper hand and win. Blue-blooded Gina has a wild reputation, and her weekend with Jack was another escapade, yet once she found out she was pregnant, she began to settle down. Is it because of the pregnancy or that she realizes that she has met her match in Jack? Their relationship started off with a bang, yet both now want to take things slow, because they realize their baby's future is at stake.

Gina and Jack are surrounded by a variety of supporting characters. Besides Gina's grandmother and Jack's parents, there are the cousins who came out of nowhere. They seem too good to be true, yet Gina's grandmother has opened her home to them. Gina begins a new job as an event coordinator and is soon thrust into a new a career she relishes. Jack bides his time, but slowly and surely he wins Gina's heart—but is it enough to convince her to marry him? Forced into a shotgun marriage is something neither wants, yet can they realize how perfect they are together?

An intriguing romance sure to win your heart, pick up THE DIPLOMAT'S PREGNANT BRIDE.

Patti Fischer