THE TEXAN'S ROYAL M.D. Merline Lovelace
Duchess Diaries , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2357
ISBN: 978-0-373-7370-5
February 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Galveston Island, Texas and New York City Present Day

As a busy pediatric resident in New York City, getting away for the Christmas holiday with her family to Texas seems like the perfect time for Dr. Anastazia St. Sebastian to make a decision as to where she wants to go once she completes her residency.  Her mulling is interrupted when she saves a child from nearly drowning, and the uncle, Mike Brennan, is eternally grateful. Zia accepts Mike's invitation for dinner, which soon leads to more than a meal. Their attraction is instantaneous, but can there be any future between a New York based doctor and a Texas businessman?

Mike is hooked on the beautiful, exotic Zia, whose family lineage contains royalty currently headed by Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Karlenburgh. Both Mike and Zia have extended families they're close to, plus she has a research project that is something that Mike's company has an interest in developing. Using their business collaboration to mix with some pleasure, they're soon indulging in an affair. But Zia can't give Mike something he wants a baby, because she had an unplanned hysterectomy years ago. Without telling Mike why, Zia tries to dissuade him from continuing their relationship, but he's too irresistible. Can a long distance romance end up in a happily-ever-after for them?

Mike and Zia have a whirlwind romance in THE TEXAN'S ROYAL M.D. by Merline Lovelace. Part of the Duchess Diaries series that features the Grand Duchess Charlotte as the head of the family that consists of her granddaughters and nephew and Zia, her niece. A Christmas vacation in Texas is just what the doctor needs as she struggles with deciding her future.  Being around children and not being able to bear a child weighs heavily on her mind. With Mike's encouragement, she goes full steam ahead on her research project, but soon she's in over her head after she hooks up with a company that will help her in the startup project. Mike, who divorced his ex-wife after she cheated on him, gets more than a little jealous over the long dinners Zia has with the head of the other company. Zia is beautiful and gregarious, so why can't he accept that she won't cheat on him?

Zia falls in love with Mike, but she still has reservations whether they can work things out. Then there is the fact she can't give him children. Will he grow restless with wanting a child? Her work has to come first right now, and with their romance long distance, sometimes it doesn't work out that they can get together. Add in that Mike can be overbearing in his protectiveness at times, and Zia wonders if they're making a mistake.

In THE TEXAN'S ROYAL M.D., the romance gets off to a hot start and it's full steam ahead for Zia and Mike, and they've got a lot of work to do to make it all come together. Meanwhile, this tale also has a bit of suspense wrapped into the romance as Zia's research project quest soon becomes dangerous. If you love a little suspense with a hot romance, then look no further than THE TEXAN'S ROYAL M.D. for an intriguing read.

Patti Fischer