Duchess Diaries , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2346
ISBN: 978-0-373-73359-0
December 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City and Hungary – Present Day

Dominic St. Sebastian didn't expect a royal title when his cousin, Sarah, and her assistant, Natalie Clark, uncovered evidence that he is the heir to a dukedom, albeit one of a country that no longer exists. Dom is so annoyed by the news (and the affect it could have on his secret agent job) that he confronts Natalie in her hotel room. While the dowdy Natalie isn't the type he is normally attracted to, something about her still intrigues him. Weeks later, while staying at his home in Hungary, he gets a visit from the local police about a woman with amnesia. Turns out it is Natalie, and she can't remember anything after a mysterious accident except that he is the duke. Dom agrees to help her recover, but the woman Dom once thought unattractive reveals a new, sexier side that turns him on.

Natalie isn't sure how or why she ended up in Hungary, but she's grateful for Dom taking her in, even if he causes tingles up her spine whenever he's near her.  Then there are the clothes she was found in…why are they two sizes too big for her and ugly ? Did she really wear them? Dom lets her stay at his place, which is nice, but the closeness has her suddenly attracted to him, and since she isn't sure about how they felt about one another in the past, she's not sure how to respond to him. Yet as the days pass, they can no longer deny the sizzling passion between them. But once Natalie regains her memory—and why she was in Hungary—will their truce come apart? Can the sexy spy settle down with a woman who helped destroy his peaceful life?

It's royalty, spies, and a mysterious trip to Hungary in HER UNFORGETTABLE ROYAL LOVER by Merline Lovelace. Having discovered that Dom is the long forgotten Duke of Karlenburgh has the press abuzz. Never mind that the man isn't too happy about the news. But when Natalie bangs her head after going overboard on a tour boat, Dom can't turn his back on his cousin's assistant, even if she is the one who uncovered his Duke news. When he first met Natalie in New York City, she was mousy and inhibited, while the amnesiac Natalie blooms like a flower and isn't afraid to walk about his home dressed only in his shirts. To say Dom is attracted to her is an understatement. He wants her with a passion he never thought he'd feel with any other woman. But could Natalie prove to be trouble with a “T”?

Watching Natalie blossom is lots of fun in HER UNFORGETTABLE ROYAL LOVER, especially Dom's reaction. He can have any woman he wants, but Natalie is the one who gets under his skin. Their chemistry is scorching and inevitable as they fall in love with each other. But first Natalie has to regain her memory and learn what she was doing the day of the accident. Or, was it an accident…?

If you love a romance with a little intrigue and a sexy spy, then grab a copy of HER UNFORGETTABLE ROYAL LOVER and get set for a thrilling read.

Patti Fischer