Duchess Diaries , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2256
ISBN: 978-0-373-73269-2
September 2013
Series Romance

New York City and Paris, France – Present Day

As part of a royal family that was deposed years ago, Lady Sarah St. Sebastian is doing her best to financially help her grandmamma, Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Karlenburgh, and hoping her sister, Gina, stays out of trouble. But Gina's latest escapade has billionaire Devon Hunter showing up in Sarah's office demanding payment for a rare artifact Gina stole from him. Sarah can't afford the money he demands, so he offers her an alternative: pretend to be his fiancée and accompany him on a trip to Paris where he can finalize an important deal and ward off amorous advances by the company owner's wife.

The magazine where Sarah works had recently named Devon one of their sexiest men, and in person he's devastatingly handsome. Sarah is protective of her frail grandmother and is worried that any scandal might kill her, so she agrees to Devon's demand. Being around him has her pulses racing, and she attributes it to his charisma and not because she finds him attractive. However, add in their being together in the City of Love, and soon Sarah is falling for Devon. Yet, in the background lurks her sister's theft and that Devon probably shouldn't trust anyone in the St. Sebastian family for this reason. But they grow closer, and soon Devon is asking Sarah to make their engagement real.

As regal as if she still held power, the Grand Duchess is an important part of Sarah's life as she raised the girls after their parents died. For that reason Sarah will do anything to protect her grandmother, even become engaged to a man she just met. Devon is intrigued by Sarah's regal attitude and that she rarely backs down from a challenge, even one given by him. Their kisses sizzle, and just as Sarah is ready to make love with Devon, she backs away. Trust is a big issue between them, and Devon is going to have to not only win hers, but trust her .

In A BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT, readers get a glimpse of how the wealthy and not so wealthy live in high style. Sarah uses her grandmother's long ago outfits to dress for work and at formal functions, and it is her fashion sense that helps attract Devon. He can't go wrong having Lady Sarah by his side. Devon has worked hard to get where he is, and being named one of the top ten sexiest men has him rolling his eyes while it continues to bring him unwanted attention. The combination of his notoriety and hers has them dodging the press—even Sarah's magazine.

For a charming tale that brings together a billionaire and royalty, with the added romance of Paris, be sure to grab a copy of A BUSINESS ENGAGMENT.

Patti Fischer