Loving on the Edge , Book 6.5
InterMix/ Penguin
e-ISBN: 978-0-698-41103-6
June 2015
Erotic Contemporary Novella

Dallas, Texas - Present Day and Four Years Ago

The closer it gets to his wedding day, the worse Hunter Riley feels.  With the details of the ceremony, and the media attention he receives as both the star pitcher for the Astros and the son of an ultra-conservative Senator, Hunter is starting to feel a little claustrophobic.  He wonders if it's just cold feet and hopes things will get better soon.  Then his fiancée Macy offers him a solo trip: a chance to get away from all the pressure, and she hopes that while he's in Dallas he can reconnect with his former roommate and finally choose a best man.  Hunter hasn't seen Devon Crowe since he moved out of their fraternity house four years ago, but he knows that this visit isn't going to have the effect Macy is hoping for.

Between managing a restaurant and helping out his sister, Devon has enough on his mind.  The last thing he needs is to have the only man he's ever loved blow back into his life.  Hunter's arrival brings back all the memories of their year as roommates, as well as the regrets that their friendship ended when they crossed the line between friends and lovers.

The friendship between the openly gay Devon and Hunter, the baseball star from an uptight family, was surprising to say the least.  Even more shocking for Hunter was the curiosity and then attraction he felt for his frat brother and roommate.  Most of YOURS ALL ALONG is told as a flashback of sorts, with Devon and Hunter reconnecting four years after Hunter left school, and then remembering how things were in college.  When their relationship started to change, both had their doubts about things working out between them; Devon's family had disowned him when he revealed he was gay; he knows that Hunter's family would do the same.  Besides, there's no way Hunter would be willing to give up his prospective professional baseball career.  Hunter isn't able to break away from his family just yet, and it's not like Devon wants a committed relationship anyway, right?  In the present though, they have one night to hash things out between them once and for all, in the steamy YOURS ALL ALONG.

Jennifer Bishop