Ones Who Got Away , Book 1
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-149265140
January 2018
Contemporary Romance

Long Acre, Texas – Present Day

Twelve years ago, tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School when some armed students entered the room where the prom dance was being held and killed several fellow students. Olivia “Liv” Arias was one of the survivors that were nicknamed “the ones who got away.” But the scars run deep and walking into the school years later to be interviewed for a documentary brings back those painful memories. As she walks away after the interview, Liv learns that her ex-boyfriend, Finn Dorsey, is also there. She hasn't seen him since the tragedy; it's like he fell off the face of the earth. Talking to him, Liv realizes Finn is different now. He's harder, darker and quieter. The next morning, they run into each other and chat, during which Finn nearly kills the hotel manager because the man was taking pictures of them. Liv realizes Finn isn't the boy she once knew.

The shooting changed Finn, and now he is part of the FBI's special forces. His goal all these years has been to find the outfit that supplied the guns to the students that led to the rampage. Finn has just gotten off a big assignment where he was undercover for two years and he barely escaped with his life. Meanwhile, as he mentally recovers, he must not have his picture circulating out there in case the bad guys see them and come after him. Meeting Liv after all these years, he realizes how much he's still attracted to her, and invites her to spend weekends at the lake front house he's rented for the summer. Both know where it's going to lead, but will it just turn out to be a temporary fling?

The school tragedy affected many lives and it hangs over Liv and Finn. That night, they were in a closet kissing when the shooting started. Finn heard his date (yes, he came with another girl) scream and he ran to help her. One of the shooters found Liv in the closet and pointed his gun at her, but didn't shoot her because they were only going to shoot the “happy ones.” As a bit of a freak at school, Liv didn't fit that profile. As with a lot of tragedies, the ones not killed are left with “survivor's guilt.”

There's still an attraction simmering between Liv and Finn, and they finally get a chance to rekindle their love in THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY. Looking back at their hopes and dreams, Liv and three female schoolmates realize they haven't yet achieved their goals. With Finn's encouragement, Liv gets a chance to work at one of hers, which is photography. As they spend time together, the easy camaraderie they had twelve years ago soon returns and leads to sex. But Finn will be gone by the end of the summer. Will he leave Liv's heart broken once more?

Readers will be pulled into the story about the tragedy and the aftereffects it has on the former students in THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY. But from darkness comes light as Liv and Finn fall in love. They know there's a lot of baggage between them, some of it shared, but they are determined to heal and move on with their lives. But will it include each other? THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY is the first book in Roni Loren's Ones Who Got Away series. It's not clear who will get the next tale as there are three more girlfriends in the little circle of friends.

An emotional tale that brings Finn and Liv happiness after a tragedy, be sure to look for THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY and be prepared to not want to put it down.

Patti Fischer